Edmonton HRC Mtg Minutes – Jan 21 2015

In attendance: Murray Pruden (via teleconference); Ben Lemon; James Somers; Steve Sukhbir; Genevieve Babineau (via teleconference); Oneil Carlier

Edmonton Human Rights Committee Meeting Minutes
21 January 2016

In attendance:     

Murray Pruden (via teleconference)    
Ben Lemon                        
James Somers         
Steve Sukhbir
Genevieve Babineau (via teleconference)            
Oneil Carlier        


Denise Davey    
Dave Burchell    
Kim Haynes    
Dragana Ristivojevic

1. Call to Order 

* The Meeting started at 1735 by Steve Sukhbir

2. Approval of the Agenda:

* Planning for this year
* Recruiting 
* Car Stickers

3. Review and approval of the previous meeting’s agenda    

* The last minutes dated 07 December 2014 were adopted 

4. Reports: None

5. Previous business: 

* A reminder that meetings must be of a positive nature and that our message should also be positive as we move forward.
* We need to be more visible as Kim mentioned at the last meeting.
* We could explore a partnership to increase visibility as per Dave at the last meeting.
* Kim to update on banking when available
* Car stickers: It was general consensus that the car stickers are probably not a feasible goal for this committee. Our scope is too broad and if people don’t agree with the sticker, your car may be targeted for damage or if they don’t understand the message, there is no one there to clarify and we may end up leaving the wrong impression. Since stickers are already being looked at by the Edmonton Area Council, there is no need to duplicate. 

6. New business: 

* Oneil reminded the group that the PSAC office still has lots of human rights materials available for us to use. 
* The 19 minute campaign was discussed and we explored how we could incorporate different equity days into the mix. To ensure that we could devote enough time to each event, we decided on 4 main events.
* March 19: International Day against Racial Discrimination. In conjunction with the 19 on the 19th, we have decided that we will support the political action happening on this day, and have yet to decide something to coincide with this day.  Ideas that came forth were swag, and having one or   more of us paint ourselves in one of the colours of the hands on the placards. Oneil to check on Brother Sam from Calgary on his availability for a possible guest appearance. 
* June 5: Edmonton GLBT Pride Parade. James will be asking the AFL (Alberta Federation of Labour) if we can march with them in the parade. Steve and James will be the focals of this event, to conjure up support, and come up with ideas for swag to be handed out during the parade. * Genevieve and Beowolf will also be participating. Pride generates a large and diverse audience and is a great platform for our message.
* June 20: Aboriginal Day. This event was discussed as a barbeque out at Elk Island Park. Genevieve and Murray will be the focals on this event. What has been discussed is a barbeque out at the park with First Nations performers, as well as information concerning Aboriginal issues. It would be on the Saturday so that it is after the Canada Place festivities and before Aboriginal day to ensure maximum participation. The Astotin Lake area would provide maximum visibility. 
* Steve mentioned that he can procure a site that morning as he will be camping at the Parks
* 1st week of December: There are 2 events happening this week.  International Day of Persons with Disabilities (December 03) and International Human Rights Day (December 10).  It was discussed at the meeting to let Kim have a say on whether she would like to be a focal on the December 03 event, as she is a spokesperson on that group.  If she declines, then there will be a discussion on what we would like to present for December 10.
* “Let’s Connect” was discussed as a possible motto for the committee.

7.  Actions:

* Plans and Strategies for the new year going forward to be discussed further and rough budgets presented at next meeting
* Financials (held off due to close of year)
* Budget due 15 march 2015

8. Round Robin:

* Murray: No comments
* Genevieve: Logistics for National Aboriginal Day are materializing as we speak.
* Steve: More ideas are forming for the future
* James: T-shirt ideas. How to incorporate human rights into the materials we already have on hand? 
* Oneil: We still need to update our outdated flyer. Also, a reminder of the two labour films being shown at the Garneau Theatre for free “Still the Enemy Within” and “Pride”. 

9. Next meeting date, time and location: 

* The next meetings were set for 11 February 2015 @1730 @ PSAC Regional Office and 11 March 2015 @1730 @ PSAC Regional Office

10.  Agenda for next meeting: 

* Solidify plans for focal days events
* Preliminary budget proposals for focal days 

11. OTHER:

* Alberta Federation of Labour open house 25 February 2015 from 4:30 – 7@ AFL Offices, Parkington Plaza#300, 10408 – 124 Street NW, Edmonton, AB
* Edmonton Regional Women’s Committee meeting 11 February 2015 @ 17:15 @ PSAC Regional Office 

12. Adjournment

* The meeting was adjourned at 1850