Edmonton HRC Mtg Minutes – Jan 16 2014

In Attendance: Bhupinder Johal – Local 30067; Dave Burchell – Local 30067; Sandra Relling – Local 30016; Deb Sutton – Local 30902; Dragana Ristivojevic – Local 30025; Oneil Carlier – PSAC Rep


Bhupinder Johal – Local 30067

Dave Burchell – Local 30067

Sandra Relling – Local 30016

Deb Sutton – Local 30902

Dragana Ristivojevic – Local 30025

Oneil Carlier – PSAC Rep

Oneil started the meeting by ensuring that all attendees had a copy of the Edmonton HR Mandate & Objectives and that it was read by all.  He stressed that this was a very important committee and whoever was on the Human Rights Executive takes their positions very seriously and should be actively involved both in supporting the Human Rights in the workplace and in the community. The last time the Edmonton Human Rights Committee met was on December 23, 2012.  This committee is in bad standing and we are currently unable to send a delegate.


The elections were open to those members who are identified as being from an equity seeking group.

The first nomination for Chair was Deb Sutton and the motion was seconded. No other nominations and Sister Sutton accepted the nomination.

The first nomination for Vice Chair was Sandra Relling and the motion was seconded. No other nominations and Sister Relling accepted the nomination.

The first nomination for Treasurer was Dave Burchell and the motion was seconded. No other nominations and Brother Burchell accepted the nomination.

There were no nominations for the position of Secretary.  It was decided that future meetings we will look for volunteers to do minutes.  All agreed.

All newly elected executive members were sworn in and congratulations were entended to them.


We reviewed the Equity Days listed in the handout of the Edmonton HRCMandate & Objectives that the alliance is mandated to commemorate those listed human rights days.

February is commemorated with Black History Month and Dave suggested a movie night.  The new management of Canada Placeis very reluctant to hold our displays.  Once a new committee has been formed we need ideas to be sent.  If we require assistance from upper PSAC to help we should send an E-Mail to Oneil.  Heritage Canadayearly puts up Black History displays in Canada Place.  Oneil will check with Stanley Milner Library to see the availability of movies and see what the Library has planned.  We could hold movie nights.

Dave suggested the Equity Days of March 08 (The International Women’s Day) and December 06 (National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women) would be better events planned by the Regional Women’s Committee.

Dave is looking at mid-year where we can hopefully promote and recruit more individuals to be involved with this committee.


Bhupinder is available to assist when required.

Dragana is also available to assist when required.

Meeting Adjourned at 6:26 pm.