Edmonton HRC Mtg Minutes – Jan 12 2016

In attendance: James Somers, Cathy McLellan, Laurie-Ann Sapriken, Carm Chan, Dave Burchell, (18.30) Keegan Gibson, Sadiq Huda

Edmonton Human Rights Meeting Minutes for January 12, 2016

In attendance:

  • James Somers, Cathy McLellan, Laurie-Ann Sapriken
  • Carm Chan, Dave Burchell
  • (18.30) Keegan Gibson, Sadiq Huda
Regrets:   Genevieve Babineau , Murray Pruden
1. Call to Order 
• The Meeting called to order at 1750
2. Approval of the Agenda:
There was no agenda
3. Review and approval of the previous meeting’s agenda    
-The last minutes dated December 10, 2015 were adopted 
4. Information on Equity Days: Handed out by Carm Chan. 
5. Previous business:  Election went fine
6. New business:
– Carm handed out copies of the EHRC mandate.  She gave the info packages to all the exec, stated that the last bank statement was in November
– Looked through the memorandum to see what days were going to be focused on through the year
– Discussed financials and James said he would look through the numbers for NAD to make sure that the correct amount was handed back to the REVP.
– Was discussed about having leads through all the events.  If you want a day to be focused on through the year, team up with someone, and come up with a budget for the next meeting.
– March 06, December 06 both belong to the Women’s Committee and therefore will not be a focus for the EHRC.
– James said that he would take the lead on the GLBT Pride events this year.
– Path of Light 2016, Murray will present as per email by him.
– Dave and Lorie Ann said that this was the 68th year of the Human Rights proclamation.  Dave was comparing 2016 to 1948. For the calendar if one is done.
7. Actions: Members are expected to have 1-2 events in mind that they would like to see pursued in 2016. (Ex: Pride, National Aboriginal Day…)
-James Somers, Sadiq Huda and Keegan Gibson will be meeting at the bank to add their names as signing authorities and to remove Genevieve Babineau and Kim Haynes from the list.  This needs to be done before March 31, as budget will not be approved without.
8. Round Robin:
• Sadiq and Keegan asked about the positions of the new posts, eg: who has signing authority, how many meetings, what is required, etc.
• Carm will send out an email with everyone’s contact information on it.
9. Next meeting date, time and location: 
• The next meeting was set for February @ PSAC Regional Office
10. Agenda for next meeting – TBA
11. Adjournment
• The meeting was adjourned at 19.00