Edmonton HRC Mtg Minutes – Dec 7 2014

In attendance: Murray Pruden; Ben Lemon; Kim Haynes; Dave Burchell; James Somers; Steve Sukhbir; Denise Davey; Dragana Ristivojevic; Genevieve Babineau; Oneil Carlier
Guests: (Via Telecon) Marianne Hladun

Edmonton Human Rights Committee Meeting Minutes- December 7, 2014
In attendance:
Murray Pruden 
Ben Lemon 
Kim Haynes 
Dave Burchell 
James Somers  
Steve Sukhbir
Denise Davey
Dragana Ristivojevic 
Genevieve Babineau
Oneil Carlier
Guests: (Via Telecon) Marianne Hladun
1. Call to Order
* The Meeting started at 1740 by Oneil Carlier
2. Approval of the Agenda:
3. Review and approval of the previous meeting’s agenda    
* The last minutes dated 16 January 2014 was accepted due to consensus
4. Reports: 
* Financial reports were to stand as presented until end of fiscal year.
5. Previous business:
6. New business:
7. Actions:
* Plans and Strategies for the new year going forward
* financials (held off due to close of year)
* Budget due 15 march 2015
8. Round Robin:
* James Somers stated that we need to have POSITIVITY GOING FORWARD and plan positive actions.
* Kim Haynes stated we need to be more Visible and the need for more promotional materials both at the local and public levels.
* Denise Davey offered her help when available 
* Dave Burchell brought up partnerships with other groups to increase visibility
9. Elections:
Elections for the Following was held and members sworn in by Oneil Carlier:
* Chair: James Somers  (Murray Pruden Declined his nomination)
* Vice Chair: Steve Sukhbir  (Denise Davey Declined her nomination)
* Treasurer: Kim Haynes  (non contested)
* Secretary: Genevieve Babineau (Dragana Ristivojevic declined her nomination)
10. Next meeting date, time and location: 
* The next meeting was set for 07 January 2015 @1730 at the PSAC Regional Office
11. Agenda for next meeting: 
* Recruiting members 
* Car stickers as a project brought forward by Kim Haynes
12. OTHER:
* 14 January 2015, Women’s Committee
* 06 December to 22 March Nowhere People @ the Royal Alberta Museum (9-5) 1/2 price on weekends before 11am
13. Adjournment
* The meeting was adjourned at 1900