Edmonton HRC Mtg Minutes – Aug 18 2016

In attendance: James Somers; Cathy McLellan; Dave Burchell; Keegan Gibson; Sadiq Huda; Karoline Klug (regional rep)

In attendance: James Somers
Cathy McLellan,
Dave Burchell
Keegan Gibson
Sadiq Huda
Karoline Klug (regional rep)

Meeting called to order 17:50

Approval of Agenda

Information re: Racialized Members:

PSAC Prairies Racially Visible Conference is being held Sept 9th to 11th. Sadiq will be attending, he will be fully funded by the PSAC. James requested Sadiq give a report when he gets back.
In the past, within the PSAC structure only women’s committees have had regional conferences, once every mandate. The racialized conference will be held, regionally for the first time – it is precedent setting.
Dave suggested Sadiq’s report go on website.

It was decided that if you attend a conference funded by PSAC a report is to be brought back so we can learn from it.

PSAC 2017 Human Rights Conference
– Will be held in Toronto March 2017
– All five equity groups will be represented
– The application is on PSC website and closes end of September.

It is suggested that each applicant be very specific re: which caucus, PWD, Native, Women’s, etc. is being applied to. Each delegate will be voting for resolutions and should be able to speak to them or come back to the human rights committee and explain them.

Regions and components are the ones who choose who gets to go.
You may go as an observer but it has to be funded by local.

Information re: LGBT:

James, Keegan and Cathy were the only one present at the parade. Keegan felt that it was very last minute, Cathy felt it was very rushed being put together as we were waiting on AFL.
Could we get more participants to march in the parade if we gave them swag?

Dave just came back from a facilitator course. If the theoretical 10% of the LGBT population is connected with – within the PSAC membership, then potentially there could be 150 participants in future Pride Parades. We have to get out there how to separate union form GLBT. Disconnect from unions.

James-How do we get other people to join the HRC as it will not survive another year with this small group. Pride funding is in January but it got delayed back in March. James is working with Regional GLBT to get funding instead of working with Maryanne. Tim will propose to Maryanne in January for funding. Dave suggested for 2018 we ask in 2017 for the funds to pay the entry fee.

There will be a mandatory meeting on August 24th for all executive members. Karoline will do a presentation on roles and responsibilities of the executive, how to get more organized and function in a more empowered way. Worksheets will be handed out the day of workshop.

Labour day BBQ at Giovanni Park from 10 to 12. We do not run it but we support it.

Dave –Dec 10th- Human Rights Day. Launch Day.
Members will be interested, public not so much.
Exec need to see pictures. James would like Dave to send him the electronic picture by August 31.
Time frame is 2 weeks to print from final order.
Money to come from locals. Talk to presidents about how many they want. E-mail will go out September 6th. Deadline to respond is the end of September and provide funds by the middle to end of October.

Pancake Breakfast
Keegan and Cathy are taking the lead in organizing this event.
Albertans helping Albertans
Keegan and Cathy handed in budget
PSAC will pay for supplies and all proceeds go to Food Bank.
The breakfast would be held from 7:30 to 9:30. Keegan will get something from Maple Leaf in writing if the Northern Alberta Human Rights Committee can get a sponsor such as INAC.
Need to try and make a connection to the public and the hard time Albertans are having.
Looking for a new and better name for the event: Everyone Deserves to Eat.
$5.00 you get 2 pancakes 2 sausages and a juice, all proceeds to go to food bank. Food and condiments supplied by PSAC.
Present cheque to the Food Bank in November.
New budget by next week.

Meeting adjourned 20:30