Edmonton HR Minutes (Oct 2011)

RO Contact:     Oneil Carlier

Edmonton Human Rights Committee  – Minutes of October 3

Present:    Dave Burchell, Diana Meabry, Cherylyn Shewchuk, Lynee Richards, Jhumpa Mohapatra, Darlene Lewis and  Oneil Carlier (staff)

Meeting called to order at 5:30 

Introductions and Round Table 

  1. Old Business: Guest Speaker Action Coalition on Human Trafficking by Tamara, further clarification is required with Tamara to coordinate this presentation – Action – Cherylyn 

October 15 – Blossom of Love Fashion Show – 3rd Annual Event to support Safe House in the Ukraine 

  1. Festive Dinner with Options – December 13 at Inglewood Community Center – need of volunteers – O’Neil will send out information to local
  3. Revision of the Information Brochure regarding all 3 committee’s – to be completed by Chairs of the committees – completed by December 2011
  5.  Habitat for Humanity – 8 more Volunteers are needed for the build date October 20, Dave will get in contact with????? to lead this project.
  7. Christmas Events – AGM scheduled for December 15, each committee will donate $125 each for the food for the event. Meeting will begin at 5:30 with nominations and elections of the Women’s Committee, then Human Rights and Area Council Committee elections
  9. Pride Banner – Dave will order and ensure the purchase of this 8 foot banner stored at PSAC Edmonton Regional Office
  11. Kayos Display – HR will donate $1000, WC $400 and AC $400 to contribute to this Display cased stored Edmonton Regional Office – Cherlynn will complete a Case Study to Prairie Region and each committee for their input to the purchase.
  13. Treasury Report – Approved and Attached
  15. Mail Review – Received a Proclamation from the City of Edmonton  

 Meeting Adjourned – Next Meeting Date?