Edmonton Area Council Representative, Dragana Ristivojevic (February 2020)

Dragana Ristivojevic
Edmonton Area Council Rep 
Prairie Region Council February 2020

I have attended and participated in many rallies throughout Edmonton.  It was very important to me that I connect and build strong relationships with other Unions.  Strategies were discussed on what worked for them and what did not.

I continue having conversations with our members on the importance of the Union.  Promoted the Union courses offered at the Edmonton PSAC Regional Office with our members.  

The posting of the posters promoting the Strike Training held at the PSAC Edmonton Regional office on our Union boards promoted a lot of conversations around “Strike”.  Members were talking and asking questions.  This gave me an opportunity to encourage our members to attend the Strike Training held at the Edmonton PSAC Regional Office.  I took the training and I found it to be very informative and encouraged our members to attend that training.

Also, discussed with members of future Lunch and Learn – Strike Preparation sessions.   

On February 19, 2020, a 4th Anniversary Phoenix Solidarity event will be held outside Canada Place at Noon which I will be volunteering and promoting the importance on why the members should attend.  Members were encouraged to wear black that day to show the ongoing issues with Phoenix. 

In Solidarity,
Dragana Ristivojevic