Edmonton Area Council Meeting Minutes (March 10, 2021)

Area Council Committees engage with PSAC campaigns, lobby politicians and raise awareness of issues affecting our members, workers and the Canadian Public. Check out these minutes for current actions and events.

In Attendance:

Darlene Lewis                   Chair

Corie McGaughey             Member at Large

Arlene Suzuki                    Local 30026

Lasia Horbul                     Local 30026

Dragana Ristivojevic          Secretary/PRC Edmonton Area Council

Oneil Carlier                      PSAC Rep


Sabino Spagnudo              Vice Chair

Minute Taker:     Dragana Ristivojevich

1    Call to Order:

Meeting was called to order by Darlene at 5:37 pm through zoom and/conference call.  A warm welcome was extended to both Arlene and Lasia. Darlene acknowledges that Edmonton lies on Treaty 6 Territory a traditional gathering place.

2    Harassment Statement

The harassment statement was read by Corie and Arlene.

3    Approval of Agenda: 

A friendly amendment under Elections is to remove the positions of Secretary and Member at Large were voted in the February 11, 2021 Elections and add Treasurer as this the only position that needs to be filled.  All agreed.

4    Adoption of Previous Meeting Minutes

A few friendly amendments to the February 11, 2021 minutes to be done by Dragana.  Once the changes have been made by Dragana, she will forward these minutes to Carla at the Edmonton Regional Office for them to be posted on the website.

5    Treasurer report: 

The bank statement was displayed on the shared screen showing a current bank balance of $1.01 as of December 31, 2021.

6    Review & Approval of 2020 Year End Submission: 

Darlene explained all the documents required for the annual package to be submitted by March 15, 2021. The “2020 package” must include the following:

  • Appendix A Checklist (Cover Sheet);
  • Appendix B  Executive Committee (all current contact information for the EAC executive)
  • Appendix C  A Financial Review along with all of the bank statements;
  • Appendix D  Report of Bank Signatories for the current year; and
  • MinutesAll paper copies to be attached.  All 2020 minutes should be posted on the PSAC Prairies website.

This package needs to be forwarded to Dragana as the PRC Report to review and sign.  Then Dragana will forward this package to Marianne Hladun, REVP by March 15, 2021.

Darlene will inquire and advise on who can the reviewers be.

7    Election

Darlene vacated the chair to Oneil to do the election for the position of Treasurer for the Edmonton Area Council.

Before conducting the election for Treasurer, Oneil felt it was very important that we all know what the Edmonton Area Council does.  Darlene stated that the committee of the Edmonton Area Council is the political arm of our Union.  We engage with our members, hold rallies (ie Phoenix), we lobby MP’s on different campaigns, we support and attend the Labour Day barbeque, etc.  We also actively support and assist the Edmonton Human Rights as well as the Edmonton Women’s Committees.

Oneil added that we actively participate with our Union for example:  poverty events, mobilization of members where we raise awareness of issues affecting them and lobbying politicians.

Corie added that we do the work together as a committee.  Whoever fills the role as Treasurer, Sabino will be available to assist the new Treasurer.   PSAC is very supportive by providing us with the tools to assist us (ie. Education).  There are opportunities for us to be involved with the Alberta Federation of Labor.

For position of Treasurer:

 Arlene Suzuki

Nominated by Corie McGaughey; seconded by  Darlene Lewis

Accept:  Declines nomination.

For position of Treasurer

Lasia Horbul

Nominated by Dragana Ristivojevic; seconded by Corie McGaughey

Accept:  Declines nomination.

Position remains vacant.

8    Upcoming Events:  Our next scheduled meeting will be a planning meeting where we will all have an open discussion (ie. Elections, etc)

9    Roundtable

  • ArleneNothing to add.
  • Lasia:  Thanked Oneil for his E-Mails regarding our back pay on our cheques which was combined with our regular pay cheque.  There were 3 deductions taken off (EI, CPP and Income Tax).  All were large deductions.  Currently, there is an appeal with regards to income tax.
  • CorieExtended a welcome to both Lasia and Arlene.
  • Dragana:  Also extended a welcome to both Lasia and Arlene and would like to see them to part of the committee.  Dragana stated that we are all activists.  We all have our own passion which makes each of us an activist at heart. 
  • Oneil:  His vision is the continued building of this committee.
  • Darlene:  She would like to establish a network or use social media where we could post planned events, etc.  She thanked all for attending tonight.  We all agreed to hold our meetings on Wednesday nights.
  • Next Meeting DateApril 14, 2021.  This meeting will be a planning meeting.  A notice will be sent out with the timings and coordinates.
  • Meeting AdjournedMeeting adjourned at 6:42 pm.