Edmonton Area Council AGM Minutes (February 11, 2021)

Area Council Committees engage with PSAC campaigns, lobby politicians and raise awareness of issues affecting our members, workers and the Canadian Public. Check out these minutes for current actions and events.

Edmonton Area Council Committee

In Attendance:

Darlene Lewis                 Vice Chair

Sabino Spagnudo            Treasurer

Corie McGaughey

Nick Grant

Bernard Brasen

Bryan Morlidge                USJE 30010

Charmaine Nelson

Dennis Holmwood

Healther Dillon

Mark West

Tony McFetridge       

Dragana Ristivojevich      PSAC EAC Regional Rep

Oneil Carlier                     PSAC Rep

Nina Babcock                   PSAC Organizer

Regrets:       Freada Vamvounis-Clarke

Guests:         Marianne Hladun,  REVP PSAC Prairies 

                      Nina Babcook, PSAC Organizer

Chair of Meeting was Darlene Lewis and Record taking for the minutes Sabino Spagnuolo.

Call to Order:  6:06 pm by Darlene Lewis 

Darlene welcomed everyone to the meeting and did the Land Acknowledge recognizing that we are on Treaty 6.

Approval of the AgendaAgenda approved by consensus with no additions.

Approval of December 18, 2020 Minutes: Motion to approve M/S/C Darlene/Tony/carried   

Old Business:

Treasurer’s Report:

Sabino reported that two signing authorities are finally on the account. The opening Balance is $1 and closing balance on December 31, 2020 was $1 and activity or expenses.

M/S/C Sabino/Corie/carried

Darlene indicated that there are no other committee reports and introduced our Guest for an update.

New Business:

Marianne:  Each component pulling demands out of the ones given by the members individually. The components have their own system to decide how that goes to National Bargaining Conference by February 25, 2021 including Delegates being selected. PA for example has 100 seats. A call out for equity seeking members such as young workers was made. Federal election a factor in strategy for this next round of bargaining. Fairly sure an election in 2021. No love for this government. Given the amount of spending there is a possible threat of austerity. FB behind in bargaining and is in PIC process with no dates scheduled.

CRA as of last week no move on setting date for bargaining new contract on it expiry. Parks and CFIA has just set bargaining conference (in June).

Regional bargaining convention in June now 4 days instead of three; Thursday to Sunday. Due to limiting screen time. Covering full day of LOS. Delegates must be registered by Feb 19 on website to be a delegate.

Nina Babcock: Darlene introduced Nina Babcock who was an Admin at PSAC but has now moved into a new role. She will let us know what that is. Nina gave a presentation on union density in Alberta and how PSAC organizes and certifies new groups as members and what PSACs priority groups are. A handout once available on the highlights will be made available.


Darlene Lewis adjourned left the Chair to Marianne Hladun to preside over Elections at 6:52pm

Review of those present eligible to vote is determined including for UTE, CEIU, UNDE, USJE in attendance.

Positions for Election is President; Treasurer, Secretary and Member at Large.


For position of President Darlene Lewis
Nominated by Corie McGaughey, seconded: Dragana Ristivojevich
Accept: Accepts nomination

For position of President Corie McGaughey
Nominated by Charmaine Nelson, seconded: Tony McFetridge
Accept: Declined nomination

For position of President Sabino Spagnuolo

Nominated by Charmaine Nelson, seconded by Corie McGaughey

Accept:  Declined nomination

Darlene Lewis is acclaimed as President of the Edmonton Area Council

Vice President:

As Darlene Lewis has left her position of Vice President an Election will proceed immediately.  This is for a one-year term.

For position of Vice President Corie McGaughey
Nominated by Darlene Lewis, seconded: Sabino Spagnuolo
Accept: Declined nomination

For position of Vice President Sabino Spagnuolo
Nominated by Charmaine Nelson, seconded: Darlene Lewis
Accept: Accepted nomination

 Sabino Spagnuolo is acclaimed as Vice President of the Edmonton Area Council


As Sabino Spagnuolo has left position of Treasurer an Election will proceed immediately.

For position of Treasurer: None after three calls for nominations

The position of Treasurer of the Edmonton Area Council cannot be filled at this time. Sabino Spagnuolo will retain responsibilities of the treasurer until such time as a Treasurer is elected.  The committee has sufficient persons with signing authority to maintain good standing of Banking affairs.

Chair is vacated to the Committee of the Whole so members may discuss further nominations.

Marianne Hladun resumes Elections


For position of Secretary Dragana Ristivojevich
Nominated by Charmaine Nelson, seconded: Darlene Lewis
Accept: Accepts nomination

Hearing no other nominations after three calls for nomination Dragana Ristivojevich is acclaimed Secretary of the Edmonton Area Council

Member at Large:

For position of Member at Large Corie McGaughey
Nominated by Darlene Lewis, seconded: Sabino Spagnuolo
Accept: Accepts Nomination

Corie McGaughey is acclaimed as Member at Large of the Edmonton Area Council 

Newly Elected Committee:

The newly elected Edmonton Area Council Executive are as follows:

  • Darlene Lewis – President
  • Sabino Spagnuolo – Vice President
  • Treasurer – Vacant
  • Secretary – Dragana Ristivojevich
  • Member at Large – Corie McGaughey

All new executive committee swore their oath before Marianne Hladun as duly sworn officers.

Marianne Hladun vacated the Chair ending Elections at 7:20pm. Darlene Lewis now chair for remaining meeting.


Sabino highlighted there is no shortage of activities this committee can organize given the a) Provincial governments attacks on workers b) impending federal election c) bargaining activities. Likewise, he would like to see this body show support for the CESSCO workers on lock out on their 23 week. Will try to reach out to attend picket line on Saturday February 13 roughly 10 am but not confirmed.

Next Meeting date will be March 9, 2021 at 5:30PM

Meeting was adjourned at 7:33pm