Edmonton AC Mtg Minutes – Sep 9 2015

In Attendance: Carm Chan (PSAC Staff Advisor), Louise Mardell (PSAC Staff Advisor), Dave Burchell, Kim Haynes, On Phone: Murray Pruden, Jesse Todd

In Attendance: Carm Chan (PSAC Staff Advisor), Louise Mardell (PSAC Staff Advisor), Dave Burchell, Kim Haynes
On Phone: Murray Pruden, Jesse Todd

1. Meeting called to order at 5:40 PM
2. Carm introduced Louise Mardell to the EAC members. Louise will be taking the vacant position formerly held by Oneil Carlier until his return. Jesse Todd was introduced as a member of the election team as a resource to committees with their election activities. He is handling northern Alberta & norther Saskatchewan from the PSAC office in Saskatoon.
3. The only agenda item is finalizing the “All Candidates Forum” to be held on September 23, 2015 at the Delwood Community Hall.
a. To date we have 2 confirmed candidates, Brian Gold, Liberal and Janis Irwin, NDP.
b. To date we have not received a reply from Kerry Diotte, Conservative & Heather Workman, Green Party.
c. A poster will be sent to Jesse, Marianne Hladun, REVP & Jeffrey Vallis for approval tomorrow. Letters to members inviting them to the forum will be sent out by September 16, 2015.
d. A letter to members encouraging them to vote will be sent out closer to Election day.
e. We have roughly 400 members in the targeted riding of Edmonton Griesbach & approx. 5000 members in Edmonton.
f. The format of the forum was discussed. Each candidate will have 3 minutes to answer questions if there are more than 2 candidates. If there are only 2 candidates, then each candidate will get 5 minutes to answer questions.
g. I had to leave early due to another commitment. Sister Kim provided the minutes after my departure.
h. Guidelines were discussed as to what questions should or shouldn’t be asked at the forum. Also discussion on whether places should be set up for candidates that did not choose to participate. The other topic discussed was the PA system & what accessories we might require as well as what type of tables we required for the room set up.
4. The meeting was adjourned at 7 PM.

Respectfully submitted,
Ben Lemon & Kim Haynes
PRC Rep for EAC & Treasurer for EAC