Edmonton AC Mtg Minutes – May 29 2013

In Attendance: Darlene Lewis – NHU 30016; Dragana Ristivojevic – UTE 30025; Deb Ferguson – USGE 30010; Sandra Relling – UNE 30067; Jerad Cooper (teleconference) – UTE 30025; PSAC Staff: Carm Chan – PSAC Rep

Edmonton Area Council
Meeting Minutes
May 29, 2013


Darlene Lewis – NHU 30016 
Dragana Ristivojevic – UTE 30025 
Deb Ferguson – USGE 30010
Sandra Relling – UNE 30067
Jerad Cooper (teleconference) – UTE 30025 

PSAC Staff:

Carm Chan – PSAC Rep


Sean Friesen – USGE 30010

Called to order: 17:32

4.0        Approval of Agenda – carried 

4.1        Approval of Previous Minutes – carried 

4.2        Report from the Treasurer

 $500 Donation for STRIKE! The Musical. No current balance available. Sandra does not have the bank statements for March & April. Will call the bank if not received within a week.

4.3        Report from the Chair

Report of the Chair  was read aloud – see attached

4.4        K-Days Parade Float – Submission of Float

K-Days – Only 2 names came forward to volunteer with the float and we needed 10-12. No float in this years parade but we will still hand out balloons and fans. A request will go out to all Local Presidents looking for two volunteers (min) to assist on the day of the parade. A clear and concise message will be sent out to cover details and expectations.

 4.5        Habitat for Humanity – Update

Habitat for Humanity – Carm will contact Dave B. for further information.

 4.6        NPSW Event – Cupcakes and information booths 

NPSW – Thoughts that a BBQ is a better bang for the buck as opposed to cupcakes. Will do BBQ by library downtown. Event will take place the same week as the ER events. Carm will do some research into costing for BBQ/Cupcakes/Cakes to see which option is better (see below). Dead line for volunteers is May 20th.

BBQ – $3.00/dog or burger. 1500 units = $4725

Cake – 96 pieces/slab @$49.99 each. 16 cakes X $49.99 = $799.84

Cupcakes – $9.99/dozen X 125 dozen = $1248.75          Cake/ cupcakes from Safeway’s

June 11th is the day of the event.

4.7        Round Table

Request for the EAC to provide $235 to Sr. Sandra to attend SFL School for Union Women. Motion made to provide funding (M/S Ben/Jerad). Carried pending approval from Marianne. Sandra Abstained.

Meeting adjourned @ 18:30