Edmonton AC Mtg Minutes (Mar 2 2011)

In Attendance: Dave Burchell, Chair; Jo Chelick, PRC N/AB – Scribe; Ben Lemon, UEW 30703; Jared Cooper, UTE 30025; Elaine Alt, NHU 30016; Diana Meabry, NHU 30016; Cherylyn Shewchuk, UEW 50135;
Louise Kassian, UCTE 30314; Nina Kivluoma, PRC AC Rep. (via Conference Call); Angela and Kim, Guests – Habitat for Humanity Representatives; Carm Chan, Staff, PSAC Reg. Rep

Edmonton Area Council

March 2, 2011

In Attendance: 

Dave Burchell, Chair

Jo Chelick, PRC N/AB – Scribe 

Ben Lemon, UEW 30703 

Jared Cooper, UTE 30025 

Elaine Alt, NHU 30016

Diana Meabry, NHU 30016

Cherylyn Shewchuk, UEW 50135

 Louise Kassian, UCTE 30314

Nina Kivluoma, PRC AC Rep. (via Conference Call)

Angela and Kim, Guests – Habitat for Humanity Representatives 

Carm Chan, Staff, PSAC Reg. Rep. 

Meeting called to order but changed the agenda order so that our guests from Habitat for Humanity could make their presentation.  Dave/Jo/ moved. 

  • After a brief video was presented to those in attendance our guests began to make us more aware of just what habitat for humanities was really about and gave us a history and evolution to what it stands for today and what it does for those who need the help.  As well as outlining the different options that one can participate and how much it would cost it was noted that might look at asking other locals to maybe join in and help cover a special program such as lunch, pledges etc.

 3.1       Previous minutes                                   Jo /Ben /carried 

3.2       Adoption of Agenda                 Dave /Louise /carried 

  • Capital Ex float for the parade July 22nd is a go.  It was decided that an April meeting would be called to discuss the design/theme that would match the overall parade theme. Northland organizers need to know the design and theme to arrange for the proper position.   As for the registration fee it will be sent in before April 1st

  • Signing authority for our cheques was discussed and suggested that there be a third signature in case one of the two is away and the bills need immediate payment.  Some discussion and it was noted that Elaine Alt past treasurer still had the authority to sign so noted that she could be the third party.

  • Federal Election – may be a go with the budget being presented March 22nd is not accepted.  Members are asked to go on “budget watch”.  Some issues that this budget might cover were pension reforms and department downsizing.

  • Other topics to look at

Lobbying teams – because of a possible spring election it was noted that we need to prepare some lobby teams to go out and solicit the running MPs and our members on  what is in store for their future if they don’t act now.  Discussion on getting these teams together and get them trained within a time frame that is very short was also noted. 

For the time being a letter to all the components and locals asking for volunteers will be drafted and sent under Dave’s signature.  The need to get this in plan is immediate and therefore steps were being started ASAP.

Jared/ Jo/ Louise/ Nina/ Elaine      nothing

  • Round Table

 Carm – International Women’s Day is March 8th, please encourage members to get involved. There are two events March 6th & March 8th. Copies of posters distributed at the meeting and sent electronically to the Locals.

 Discussion took place regarding if it was a Women’s only event. One event was and the other event wasn’t. Spoke to past experiences in regards to women’s events and why some are open and why others are not. 

  • Next meeting is for the design and drafting of a float for the Capital X parade.  Date is April 6th, starting at 5:30at the Regional Office.

Meeting adjourned at 7:35   Dave/Ben/carried