Edmonton AC Mtg Minutes (Jan 26 2011)

In Attendance: Dave Burchell, Chair EAC; Rick Parenteau, Treasurer EAC; Frank Lloyd, PRC PWD; Laurel Gladu, NAT 30067; Cherylyn Shewchuk, Chair HRC; Jo Chelick, PRC N/AB Rep. Scribe; Jayne Fisher, UNDE 30903; Nina Kiviluoma, PRC AC Rep.; Darlene Lewis, Chair RWC; Ben Lemon, UEW 30703; Bonnie Lo, Treasurer – RWC; Lisa Richards, Guest, NAT 30067; Carm Chan, Staff, PSAC Reg. Rep.

Edmonton Area Council

January 26, 2011

In Attendance

Dave Burchell, Chair EAC

Rick Parenteau, Treasurer EAC

Frank Lloyd, PRC PWD

Laurel Gladu, NAT 30067

Cherylyn Shewchuk, Chair HRC

Jo Chelick, PRC N/AB Rep. Scribe

Jayne Fisher, UNDE 30903

Nina Kiviluoma, PRC AC Rep.

Darlene Lewis, Chair RWC

Ben Lemon, UEW 30703

Bonnie Lo, Treasurer – RWC

Lisa Richards, Guest, NAT 30067

Carm Chan, Staff, PSAC Reg. Rep.


Adony Melathopoulos, AGR 30045 

Carisa David, Vice Chair HRC 


Called to order by Dave Burchell

1.1 Minutes

December AGM moved adoption Jo /Dave/carried

1.2 Adoption of Agenda approved

1.3 Dave introduced Lisa Richards to speak to us of her experience in Central Mexico in conjunction with the Social Justice Fund. She outlined how she was selected and what to expect and see. She visited many peasant farmers who were responsible for lots of the countries economy and how they relate to other peasant farmers around the world. To get more information log on to:



She was very impressed by the locals who showed understanding and respect of the land and courage to continue and sustain their livelihood. She was glad to be home but admired those she visited very much.

1.4 2010 EAC Overview/Summary

It was noted that when plant gating that turnout was poor. Discussion on how to improve the attendance.

Float for the parade went over well and discussion took place regarding the event be continued.

United way – Homeless Connect was a bust because of poor communications, looking at future alternatives.

1.5 2011 EAC Future Projects

a. The collection of toiletries to donate them to Hope Mission or Mustard Seed.

Make our donations a more direct approach rather than via the United Way because of the past experiences.

b. Habitat for Humanity to donate personal time to help construct a home. It was noted that it cost approximately $165.00 per person to volunteer. It was suggested that those interested in helping for the day seek pledges to cover the fees and at the same time develop addition public relations.

i. look at making one day a:” labour” day

ii. look at getting the links to other trades to maybe join in the concept of “labour day”

iii. option is sponsor lunch for the workers at a site.

iv. Bonnie and Nina will do further research in making contacts and further discussion with Humanities on how the project works.

v. Consent given by group to have a speaker from Humanities to come and give a better understanding on how they work.

c. All in concurrence that the need to get more locals involved for special events was a high priority.

d. Capital EX should we decide to participate again in the parade that it would be $100.00 registration before April 1 st or $250.00 after the 1 st of April. It was suggested that a float showing our members – those on the professional side (ex: customs agents, forest wardens, RCMP, military etc) but would need the authorization from the employer. Group concurred that a float be in entered in the parade.

e. Political Action – table till next meeting as Robyn will be here the middle of February she will be outlining the actions that the EAC and what direction that it should be going in.

1.6 Bylaws:

Change the templates to match other ACs. Nina moved/ Cherylyn /carried

Change bylaw 5 subsection 5 Nina/Frank/carried

Change bylaw 7 subsection 6

Plenty of discussion around what month that the Annual General Meeting should be held.

AMENDED the wording to change word “shall” to “should” Frank/Jane/carried

1.7 Election for PRC rep and delegate to PRC

Area Council rep to PRC: 

Nina nominated by Rick/seconded by Bonnie

Dave nominated by Laurel/seconded by Frank

Elected: Nina

Alternate to Area Council rep to PRC:

Dave nominated by Laurel/seconded Frank

Rick nominated by Nina/seconded Jane

Cherylyn nominated by Frank/seconded Darlene

Elected: Dave

Delegate to PRC convention:

Dave nominated by Bonnie/seconded by Ben

Rick nominated by Nina / seconded by Jane

Cherylyn nominated by Frank/seconded by Darlene

Elected: Dave

MOTION “To destroy all ballots after all elections completed.” Cherylyn /Dave/carried

1.8 February meeting with Robyn – an overview of the agenda will be sent out by Robyn.

1.9 Budget is tabled till next meeting as the previous Treasurer was out of the country and not back for a week so till then unable to transfer over the books etc. NOTE to have a line item for saving funds for the next PRC convention delegate.

1.10 Round table

Cherylyn that the EO reps to take more responsibility/a stronger commitment to move forward – lobbying being the major topic

Jo/Jane/Rick: Nothing

Nina that those elected to attend the PRC convention from the RWC need to have attended at least one meeting, if not they are not allowed to vote at convention.

Darlene/Dave: Nothing

Ben will be submitting a resolution to the PR convention that he wishes the EAC to endorse. It involves more public awareness by means of using TV and newspapers ads to let the general public know just who the PSAC members are, how they help the general public, and how beneficial to the public the members are. Both Frank and Nina noted that they would pass on the information at the next PRC meeting being held later on that week.

Carm TCs and FBs will be looking for support as they will be starting negotiations in the very near future. The need to start lobbying for future elections (provincial and federal).

Members have been asking if we will be holding an information session on financial planning. All committees supported this idea and will look at getting someone from a Credit Union and other financial institutions.

All cheques that have been signed without filling in the purpose are now Null and Void. That all cheques have to be completed before signing.

1.11 Next meeting March 2, 2011 starting time is 5:30

1.12 Call for adjournment: Rick moved/Dave second/carried