Edmonton AC Mtg Minutes (Jan 2013)

Chair: Sean Friesen (Vice Chair); Recorder: Jerad Cooper; Present: Len Davis UTE 30025, Dave Burchell UNE 30067, Darlene Lewis HU 30016, Dragana Ristivojevic UTE 30025

Edmonton Area Council
Meeting Minutes
January 30, 2013

Chair: Sean Friesen (Vice Chair)

Recorder: Jerad Cooper


Len Davis UTE 30025,
Dave Burchell UNE 30067
Darlene Lewis HU 30016,
Dragana Ristivojevic UTE 30025.


Rick Parenteau UNDE 3903
Ben Lemon UEW 30703
Lorne Roslinski UTE RVP
Elaine Alt NHU 30016.

Call to Order: at 17:37by Sean Friesen

1.0  Adoption of Agenda:  Carried – consensus

1.1   Approval of previous minutes: Carried – consensus

1.2   Reports:

Vice Chair

Notice to Fill Chair Vacancy for Edmonton Area Council (EAC) read due to resignation of Sr. Kiviluoma. Request was made for interpretation By-Law 7 sub 3 which was sent to REVP Sr. Hladun to see if there still be an election for the Chair or would the Vice Chair assume the role until the next EAC AGMresulting in an election for a Vice Chair for the interim. In the event a Vice Chair position is to be filled, please consider this the Notice to Fill Vice-Chair Vacancy. * (see below)

Letter of resignation from Sr. Kiviluoma read aloud for those present in the meeting. Gratitude and thanks were extended to her for her hard work and service for EAC, Prairie Region Council (PRC) and within the Union.

Election for Prairies Youth Rep discussed. Deadline is February 22nd to send in nominations. Any member in good standing 30 years of age or under can apply however they must be nominated and seconded by delegates to 2011 Prairie Regional Convention who self-identified as Young Workers.

EAC received a request from STRIKE! – The Musical for a donation to help move the musical forward. The musical is about the 1919 Winnipeg General Strike which supports Labour History. Tickets to the event are $32.

EAC passed motion to donate $500 to the musical. M/S Dave/Darlene

Treasurer Report: Both former and current Treasurers absent. No report.

1.3    Old Business: None

1.4    New Business:

Planning Session for EAC 2013;

  • Habitat for Humanity build – As we are Non-Profit we do not have to pay to send volunteers just have to arrange people to show up to event. Great volunteer opportunity for any members interested. Dave to make contact and Darlene will run with the project.

  • Lobby Group – EAC wants to arrange Lobby Group again and have training set-up for anyone who would like to participate in the group. An e-mail will be sent out looking for interested members.

  • K-Day – EAC will be entering a float for this year’s parade. Registration deadline is April 1st for the early bird. Need to have 10 committed volunteers to make the project go forward. Theme = WE AREALLAFFECTED. EAC will make request to REVP and National President for funding.

  • HolidayParty – Role of EAC would be to assist with planning and organization but no monetary assistance for the event.

  • Local Presidents Meeting – Request to arrange another Presidents meeting.

  • Tools For Schools – Received suggestion to support Mother Earth and Me w/Head Start through the Ben Calf Rope Society for under privileged kids. Referred contact information to Women’s Committee as they are handling that campaign.

  • EAC Communication Strategy – Brainstorming on how to get more member engagement from the members. Br. Davis suggested wiki-style page to consolidate the information and he will work on creating a sample page.

  • Carm will check with HQ for Kiosk booths to use or display at events for EAC.

1.5    Signing Authorities: Since Sr. Kiviluoma has resigned and Br. Parenteau is no longer the Treasurer, EAC needs new signing authorities on the bank account. Br. Sean Friesen, Br. Jerad Cooper and Sr. Sandra Relling (New Treasurer) to have signing authorities for EAC.

1.6   Round Table: Nothing reported.

1.7   Next Meeting: February 27th @ 17:30.

1.8   *INTERPRETATION FROM REVP*Received after meeting had been adjourned.

As per Bylaw 6-Sub Section 2

The Vice President shall:

(a)        assist the President in carrying out the duties of that office as requested; and in the absence of the President, assume the duties of the      President.

The Vice-President is to assume the duties of the President for the remainder of the term of office and the EAC should conduct an election for the vacant position of the Vice-President.

Adjournment:  Meeting adjourned at 19:30