Edmonton AC Mtg Minutes – Feb 27 2013

Present: S Friesen(USGE 30010); Elaine Alt (NHU 30016); Dragana Ristivojevic (UTE30025); Dave Burchell (UNE 30067); Darlene Lewis (HU 30016); Ben Lemon (UEW 30703); Bryan Smith (NHU 30016); Robert Wolfe; Deb Sutton (via Teleconference)

Edmonton Area Council
Meeting Minutes
February 27, 2013

Chair: Sean Friesen (President)

Recorder: Darlene Lewis


S Friesen(USGE 30010)
Elaine Alt (NHU 30016)
Dragana Ristivojevic (UTE30025)
Dave Burchell (UNE 30067)
Darlene Lewis (HU 30016)
Ben Lemon (UEW 30703)
Bryan Smith (NHU 30016)
Robert Wolfe
Deb Sutton (via Teleconference)

PSAC Staff:

Oneil Carlier
Judy Shannon
Marija Babic

Call to Order: at 17:40by Sean Friesen

2.0     Approval of Agenda:  Carried – consensus

         -Addition to Agenda – Review of By-Law 7, Subsection 2

2.1      Approval of previous minutes: Carried – consensus

2.2     Treasurer Report – Sandra Relling has filled out signing authority card and waiting for process to go through as well as paperwork from   previous treasurer

2.3     Vice Chair Report – Sean will be attending the CLCPolitical Action Conference next month

Chair turned over to Oneil Carlier, as Chair of the Elections.

 2.4      Election for the following:

-Prairie Region Council Edmonton Area Council Rep
-Alt. PRC EAC Rep
-EAC Vice President

2.5     Prairie Regional Council EAC Rep.
-Dave Burchell nominated Darlene Lewis (Seconded by Ben Lemon)
-Bryan Smith nominated Sean Friesen (Seconded by Ben Lemon)

Darlene Lewis elected to the position of  PRC Area Council Representative

Prairie Region Council EAC Rep. (Alternate)
-Bryan Smith nominated Sean Friesen (Seconded by Dave Burchell)
-no other nomination

Sean Friesen acclaimed

2.6    EAC Vice President
-Byran Smith nominates Darlene Lewis (Seconded by Ben Lemon)
-no other nomination

Darlere Lewis acclaimed

2.7      Habitat for Humanity, call out to go to all locals for Volunteers prior to commitment. Request those who volunteer to wear gloves and foot    wear. Tentatively looking at a date in June before summer break. Mandatory Health and Safety training is done on site prior to volunteering.

2.8     K-Days Float, a call out first to see if we have enough volunteers to move forward before we commit to registering. Deadline for registering with Northlands is early April. Dave will forward Sean the template memo to send out to Locals requesting volunteers.

2.9     Edmonton District Labour Council puts on a lobbying training. Encouraging all members to participate especially with Municipal Elections coming up.

2.10     CLCset up a Budget Watch last year and are doing the same this year, Area Council should attend. Amanda Friesen will be organizing the set up this year.

2.11     Round Table

 Sister Alt advised members the AFLKids camp sponsorship deadline has been extended.

 Meeting Adjourned: 6:56 pm.

 Motion to strike out By-Law 7 Subsection 2 does not need to be carried as it was considered null/void when AECrequested the removal of it.