Edmonton AC Minutes (Oct 2011)

RO Contact:     C. Chan  Look at preparing three options and Cherylynn was going to prepare a case and send it off to Robyn 

MOTION     “Put a ceiling of $400.00 for the 1/3 contribution of purchasing a

Kiosk”.                                   Dave/second Jerad/carried 

6.2.2        Habitat for Humanities   the call for volunteers was very poor in responding from a membership of 4000 members.  In the end we got 12 volunteers (1o members and 2 staff) 

Work was hard but happy to do it and all look forward to doing it again in 2014. 

  • Election for delegate to PSAC 2012 convention

Carm outlined the process of what was going to happen and then nominations began.    Nominations were: 

            Nina Kiviluoma          nominated Martine Babcock

                                                 Second by Cory-Lee Oleny 

            Dave Burchell           nominated by Jo Chelick

                                               Seconded by Kim Cardinal 

Votes were also by call-ins and the winner was Nina 

Election for Alternate 

            Dave Bruchell           nominated by Jo Chelick

                                               Seconded by Jerad Cooper 

Dave won by acclimation 

Motion to destroy ballots   moved by Jo/seconded by Jerad /carried 

6.3         Round Table 

Kim – nothing

Nina – thanks for the support

Jo -nothing

Jhumpa – nothing

Lynn– nothing

Jerad – nothing

Dave – congrats to Nina

Note that year end and elections for RWC, HR and AC are coming up in early December and notices will be sent out regarding date and time.  As well it was stated that the RWC elections wee to be kept separate so will check out the schedule for the group elections that will be done in early December.

Carm – resolutions to the PSAC were due on the 28th of October. 

Next meeting is elections in December – notices of time and date will be forthcoming. 

Adjourned at 6:15.