Edmonton AC Minutes (Dec 2011)

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Edmonton Area Council Minutes – December 7, 2011


Jo Chelick – UTE 30025 EAC Secretary

Cherylyn Shewchuk – UEW 50135 HR Chair                                                  

Rick Parenteau – UNDE 30903 EAC Treasurer

Darlene Lewis – NHU 30016 RWC Chair

Bryan Smith – NHU 30016

Nina Kivilouma – PRC Area Council Rep UNDE 30903

Tamara Koslowska – CEIU 30851

Jeanette Dotimas – GSU 30001

Jerad Cooper – PRC NA Rep UTE 30025

Carm Chan – PSAC Rep 

Meeting called to order: 6:30 p.m. 

Rick presented financial report for the Area Council. Rick moved acceptance. Darlene Lewis seconded/carried 

Carm Chan chaired the elections: 

Chair: Nominations received: Nina Kiviluoma . Nominated by Jo Chelick seconded by Jeanette Dotimas.  No other nominations. Nina accepted nomination. Declared  acclaimed. 

Vice-Chair: Nominations received: Cherylyn Shewchuk nominated by Darlene Lewis, seconded by Jo Chelick; Jeanette Dotimas nominated by Tamara Koslowska, seconded by Jerad Cooper. Both nominators declined. Position vacant.                       

Treasurer: Nominations received: Rick Parenteau nominated by Jerad Cooper, seconded by Nina Kivilouma. No other nominations. Rick accepted nomination. Declared acclaimed. 

Secretary: Nominations received: Jo Chelick     nominated by Tamara Koslowska, seconded by Cherylyn Shewchuk. No other nominations. Jo accepted nomination. Declared acclaimed. 

“Oath of Allegiance” was then carried out by Carm Chan 

Rick took the chair back. 

Meeting adjourned: 6:20 pm.