Edmonton AC Meeting Minutes – November 15, 2016

Edmonton Area Council Meeting

15 November 2016

Called to order 17:31

Present: Vice President: Ben Lemon (via telephone conference), Treasurer: Kim Haynes, Mildred Ncube, Joe Sunu, & Kara Rathie & Chris Beaton, & Jennifer chienho

Staff Present: Karoline Klug, Regional Representative

Adoption of the Agenda

Minutes: No minutes, will have then at the next meeting

Planning of CLIFF (Canada Labour lnt’I Film Festival) night on 17 November (Thursday) from 1730 to 1930.

  • 1st time for the Edmonton PSAC has hosted CLIFF
  • The DVD has 13 short films, at each 5 -20 minutes in length – total duration is lhr 50 minutes
  • Office will email the write up to the members of the council.
  • No RO Staff members will be present – as they know have a teaching opportunity at a National
  • Park.
  • Once the event starts – Boston Pizza will be ordered, as the RO Staff has stated that there will be
  • “pop” in the fridge.
  • Jennifer did ask for feedback on the presentation

New business: Ben is to contact Steve about his Resolution – as it needs to be submitted by the 8 Dec.

Varia: Elections for all Edmonton Committees’ will be on the 8 Dec -All positions will be available.Including Representative for the Prairie Region elections in April Starting with the Women’s at 1730, Human Rights at 1800, followed by the Area Council at 1830, ending with the PRC Edmonton Area Council Rep.

Financial Update: as we do not have the correct signing authority-we will request from the RO to pay the Kids in the Hall for the Solidarity Brunch & we will write this as an outstanding account payable.

Signing Authorities will be done ASAP after elections.

Meeting was adjourned at 18:31hrs