Edmonton AC Meeting Minutes (Mar 18 2013)

Present: Sean Friesen (USGE 30010); Elaine Alt (NHU 30016); Dave Burchell (UNE 30067); Darlene Lewis (HU 30016); Ben Lemon (UEW 30703); Bryan Smith (NHU 30016); Deb Ferguson (USGE 30010); Liz Vandaelle (USGE 30010); Rachelle (via Teleconference)

Edmonton Area Council
Meeting Minutes
March 18, 2013


Chair: Sean Friesen (President)
Recorder: Sean Friesen


Sean Friesen (USGE 30010)
Elaine Alt (NHU 30016)
Dave Burchell (UNE 30067)
Darlene Lewis (HU 30016)
Ben Lemon (UEW 30703)
Bryan Smith (NHU 30016)
Deb Ferguson (USGE 30010)
Liz Vandaelle (USGE 30010)
Rachelle  (via Teleconference)


Dragana Ristivojevic (UTE30025)

PSAC Staff:

Marija Babic

Call to Order: at 17:32by Sean Friesen

3.0     Approval of Agenda:  Carried – consensus

3.1     Approval of previous minutes: Could not produce minutes

          -Tabled to next meeting

3.2     Treasurer Report – N/A

3.3     President’s Report

          -Sean will be attending the CLC Political Action Conference on March 21st, 2013as Young Worker Rep for PSAC – Prairies.

3.4     K-Days Parade Float – Update

-3rd Wednesday of July (July 19th, 2013)
– Looking to strike the committee (Brother Burchell has volunteered to lead the team). Dave was asked to consider a budget for the event,   including cost of float, time of members, and cost of registration.
-Decoration/Design of float was discussed.

3.5     Habitat for Humanity

-June was decided as the time
-Three dates were discussed as potential times (June 11, 20, and 26)
-Email for volunteers will be sent after discussion with Habitat for Humanity organizers for date selection.
-Continuous discuss around involving Human Rights Committee and Women’s Committee (possibly donating members or money)

3.6     Round Table

-AFL Kids Camp
         -Scholarship date was extended to the 25th of March.

-PRC Leadership meeting in Edmontonon April 29th
         -Please advise Brother Burchell of any items you wish to discuss

-Budget Watch
         -Need ways to increase participation in events such as these.

-Procurement of Pins
         -Marija Babic to advise on price and where to order.
         -Follow up after meeting – Price is $1500 for 2500 pins

-K-Days Cont.
         – Brother Burchell motioned to put money aside for parade float, up to $1000 (Seconded by Brother Ben Lemon). Motion carried.  

-Habitat for Humanity Cont.
         -St. Albert Location was chosen for building project.
        -Several Options available to participate, including:
         -Sponsor a lunch
         -Serve a Lunch 
         -Provide cookies and snacks (All three committees)
         -Call locals and request donations or ask them to send members to build. 

Next meeting set for May 1st, 2013

 Meeting Adjourned: 6:30 pm.