Regina and Area Area Council Meeting Minutes (October 7, 2021)

October 7, 2021

7:00 pm


Call to order: 7:05                                                                              

Roll call: Milton Dyck, Charito Humphreys, Jessica Bonish, Michelle Lang, Daniela Aubichon, Tim Hubick, Troy Tiefenbach, Melissa Brandt, PSAC Rep: Diane White      

Land Acknowledgement: read by Michelle. Harassment Statement in effect                                                               

Approval of Agenda – Daniela/Tim – approved                                                                       

Approval of minutes from last meeting – Tim/Daniela – approved                                             

Financial Report: Bank Balance of $152.90, Nothing really happening, will submit a budget if needed                        

Approval of Financial report – Dani/ Milton – approved

New business: it is hard to do any business with 605 new covid cases.

Vaccination mandate will keep us very busy, TB did not accept any of the recommendations from Unions, Locals need to push for civility from members.  Casino Regina had an unreasonable time frame for members to become vaccinated.

Casino Regina turned away 180 patrons at the door due to new mandate, this is affecting hours of work for members as it is not busy at the casino.

Indigenous Services has distributed a link to attestation form however there are privacy concerns with how managers are asking for this information.

RCMP cadets are not wearing masks putting our members at risk.

Covid 19 has affected members in multiple ways whether it be members working though the pandemic or members laid off for long periods of time.  No one wins.

Old Business: none

Round Table: none

Election for Delegate to National Triennial Convention (May 28 to June 2, 2022, Winnipeg) – all acclaimed

Delegate: Daniela Aubichon

Nominated by Michelle Lang, Seconded by Jessica Bonish

1st alternate:  Jessica Bonish 

Nominated by Michelle Lang, Seconded by Daniela Aubichon

 2nd alternate: Tim Hubick

Nominated by Michelle Lang, Seconded by Daniela Aubichon

Next Meeting Date: early November, TBD

Adjourn: 7:39