DRAFT: Calgary Regional Women’s Committee Meeting Minutes, Sep 16, 2019

Calgary Regional Women’s Committee Meeting Minutes, Sep 16, 2019

RWC Minutes, Sep 16 2019

In Attendance:

Deb Kosteniuk, UTE 30024

Jennifer Jurca, UCTE 30318 (recorder)

Mila Gibner, UTE 30024

Darlene Dyck-Campbell, CEIU 30856

Kirsten Strachey, UTE 30024

Dolly Abliltt, PSAC Regional Representative



Tabassom Javadi Doudaranie, UNE 30040

Eileen Ibrahim, CEIU 30856



The Meeting was called to order at 6:12 p.m.

1. Agenda: Reviewed and adopted, with no amendments: accepted by consensus.


2. Minutes: from previous meeting, May 6, 2019. Minutes were approved by email.


3. Old Business:

a) Bear Witness Day: Friday May 10. Eileen, Kirsten and Deb attended. Event went very well. We had cakes, and two bears having a tea party. Pics were tweeted and sent to Prairie Region FB page and PSAC website. Kirsten has expenses related to this, still outstanding. Awaiting allocation.

b) Financial Reporting Packages: These need to be prepared and submitted to Marianne for review. They are quite detailed. Our submission had a few errors which subsequently held up our allocation payment. Our submission has now been completed and submitted.

4. New Business:

a) 2019 Prairie Region Women’s Conference in Regina: Deb discussed some of the amazing speakers and discussions that took place in Regina over the past weekend. The Committee discussed the value of some of the workshops, such as Effective Activism, and the pride that was felt at being part of the very active Southern Alberta groups.

b) Sisters In Spirit vigil: October 4, 2019. This highlights/honours Murdered and Missing Indigenous Women and Children and includes a march, speakers, and bagged lunches and is in it’s 15th year. The planning committee began meeting over the summer; the next meeting is at 5:30 this Thursday, Sept 19. Deb will be unable to attend; however, Vicky may be. We will donate $1000 towards the lunches. We also plan to donate stickers with our logo to seal the bags. UFCW 401 will donate as well. Deb to follow up with UFCW.

– Darlene asked about organizing a Black Lives Matter event in support of a sister from another Union. She has spoken to the Calgary Police Service (CPS) Head of Diversity since the CPS didn’t provide very good response to the initial incident. CPS and Alberta Sheriffs have expressed a willingness to march if an event is organized. She is thinking to organize this in February to coincide with Black History month. Dolly asked for clarification as to what the “ask” was from us. Such as Placards or Money for lunches. The RWC would be willing to participate, but discussed that we can’t lead the initiative. Darlene asked for coaching as to how to organize and arrange a march.


c) Activity Ideas coming out of the Conference: Knitting/crochet night: This was proposed to reach out to the community as a method of engagement as well as to create items that can then be donated, like scarves. Movie night hosted at the Women’s Centre: This was proposed as an activity for families who can’t afford to go for a night out. Moon Time Sisters: This was proposed as an initiative to better connect the women of the Union with other, less fortunate, women. It would involve the collection of women’s hygiene and incontinence type products for Northern charities. We can’t use the name Moon-Time Sisters as that is a specific group that isn’t operating here, but we could still collect and distribute or local women’s charities. It was discussed that local may be a better fit (Awo-Taan, Brenda Strafford Society, Women’s Centre, etc) Locals could donate money, gift cards or products. We can’t commit to dates right now as we don’t yet have firm plans for the year, and it all ties with our allocation. To be further discussed at the next meeting.

d) Toy Drive/Volunteer Night: Women’s Centre has reached out to us again, inviting us to participate. We would host an event for locals to participate in when they donated their toys again, like last year. We have been offered Dec 10, but Dolly pointed out that there is a date conflict so Deb will try to switch our shift to a different day.

e) Co-Committee Activities: Political activities organized by Area Council presidents and REVP. Area Council has asked for support and participation.

  • Volunteers needed to come to the Regional Office next week on Sept 23-25 from 4-8 for envelope stuffing to prep for the mail out.
  • Sept 28 – Talking to the public. Potentially doing a flash mob at Chinook, and/or giving out suckers. “Don’t get suckered in…” Or maybe targeting Calgary Centre and Skyview ridings. Darlene to check Genesis Place.
  • Donut Day planned for October 3 to hand out political information (information pertinent to members) along with donuts and coffee to members at Harry Hayes.
  • Advance polling runs October 11-14

5. Roundtable:

Kirsten – Will attend her first Child Care Committee meeting with AFL tomorrow.

Darlene – Nothing to add.

Mila – Nothing to add.

Jenn – Nothing to add.

Dolly: Shared a copy of the presentation that the Lethbridge RWC brought to last week’s conference, entitled “Building Women’s Power for Change”.

Deb – Nothing to add.  

The meeting was adjourned at 7:20 p.m.

Next meeting to be held … Next meeting date was not set.