Denni Ernst PRC Report (Mar. 2012)

Report of the Northern Saskatchewan Geographical Representative to the Prairie Region Council submitted for the March 16-17, 2012 meeting. This report covers the period from the last PRC meeting.

Denni Ernst, Northern Saskatchewan Geographical Representative
Report to the Prairie Region Council 
March 2012

Since the last report I have done the following activities:

  1. Assisted in preparing a mail out from the PRC members in Saskatchewan to all of our members urging them to participate in the Provincial election. We met on October 21st to do this.

  2. Delivered by hand to all locals in Prince Albert a SFL Prairie Lily flyer on Halloween.  It was a circular with updates on many issues in it but its focus was on the upcoming election again.

  3. I attended the Prairies on Patrol Leadership Meeting held in Saskatoon on October 27th.  We discussed the CFIB campaign and the Tony Clement petition and formulated ideas on how to better approach the locals for support. I made some important new contacts here with the RCMP and AANDC local in Prince Albert.

  4. Attended the NHU Local 40027  held on November 2nd, 2011.

  5. The Prince Albert Area Council put out a Public Services by Public Servants flyer in the Prince Albert Shopper on November 7th – election day.

  6. Attended the Lobbying of MP Randy Hoback on January 23, 2012. We discussed the cutting of public services and our pensions.

  7. Area Council meetings were held in October and January 24, 2012

  8. My intent was to contact locals to attend the AGM’s but I found out that I had to be invited and that most locals had already had their AGM’s this past fall.

Respectfully submitted,

Denni Ernst