Dawn Staruiala Bio

Dawn Staruiala is the Local Vice-President for USJE – RCMP Local 40008, Regina, SK and is a member of both the PA (Program Administration) and Common Issues Bargaining Teams for the current round of negotiations as well as participating on the Civilian Member Sub-Committee.

Dawn initially became involved in her union at the beginning of her career, however, was appointed to an excluded position, so then became involved again almost 20 years ago. She realized that the knowledge and experience she had with the Federal Government and Human Resources in various HR and compensation roles could benefit others as a union representative and was interested in ensuring that all employees were treated fairly.

Since then, Dawn has held various positions at the Local level, including shop steward, secretary, president and vice-president and is currently assisting employees with Phoenix issues and escalating cases for processing.

Dawn was an RCMP Compensation Advisor for 19 years, looking after the pay and benefits for Regular and Civilian members for the RCMP until that was centralized in 2012.

Dawn has 33 years with the Federal Public Service and has worked for Health Canada, Parks Canada, Revenue Canada, Veterans Affairs, Bureau of Pensions Advocates and the RCMP.

Dawn is currently employed as a Human Resources Coordinator with RCMP National Recruiting Processing Centre in Regina.

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