David Pearson PRC Report (Jan. 2014)

Report of the Lethbridge Area Council Rep to the Prairie Region Council submitted for the January 2014 meeting. This report covers the period from the last PRC meeting.

David Pearson
Lethbridge AC Rep
Prairie Region Council January 2014

Since October PRC meeting I have not been that active.  I was elected as the Secretary/Treasurer of the Lethbridge Area Council and been actively working on the Area Council  budget and activities for 2014 with the Executive.  Brother Krokosh and myself had a meeting with our MP to discuss the Budget Implementation bill and what is doing to our members, to the public service and to the Canadian worker as a whole. We had a good discussion of the issues and he agreed that Unions, as an institution, has a place in Canadian Society but it should be an voluntary organization, and the meeting lasted over 45 minutes. I have not attended that many local Labour Council meetings, but since that first meeting I have ever attended (2 PSAC members in attendance) to the last Annual General Meeting where majority of Unionists in attendance were PSAC members and some were elected to the Executive.

I have been active in the No Drill Lethbridge campaign in Lethbridge to stop drilling and fracking within the City Limits.  Both Local 30048 and the Lethbridge Labour Council donated funds to the organization as drilling and fracking will affect our members, as the oil is sour.  I stood at a mic during one of their meetings and commented about lobbing our MLA and challenging the audience to met with their MLA and the speaker added also phone the Premier Office. I have an appointment with the Lethbridge West MLA next week and will phone the Premier Office next week also.

On a personal note myself, Sister Little and rest ofLethbridge Interfaith Foodbank Learning Garden Committee were recognized for our effect in Learning Garden project. The planning for the 2014 growing season has started for both the PSAC foodbank garden and the learning garden.  We are looking forward to a promising year.

I have to say that this will be my second last report, as I am not running for the Lethbridge Area Council Representative for the next Council.