David Fandrich PRC Report (Oct. 2012)



Report of the Southern Alberta Geographical Representative to the Prairie Region Council submitted for the October 12-13, 2012 meeting. This report covers the period from the last PRC meeting.

David Fandrich, Southern Alberta Geographical Representative
Report to the Prairie Region Council
October 2012

I would like to report the following activities:

  • March 29 – Calgary District Labour Council Budget Watch
  • April-May – PSAC National Triennial
  • June – National Public Service Week Plant gate and Harper affected letter campaign
  • September 3 – Labour Day Barbeque Calgary
  • September 15 – National Day of Action (NCR)
  • September 20-22 –  Component President’s Convention

The budget announcement in March and the resulting Work Force Adjustment has kept me very busy. In my local I have 26 affected staff, including counter and outreach programs of the CRA. It is hard to believe the government’s assertion that the cuts are “back office” when our face to face, front line client service staff are being liquidated. The UTE has responded with the “You’ll Miss Us When We’re Gone” campaign and since there is jurisprudence on the message our staff are free to wear the buttons when dealing with the public.

With the passing of a resolution for the creation of Young Workers committees, I will be looking at the interest level in creating committees in one or both of Calgary and Lethbridge.

In Solidarity,

David Fandrich
Southern Alberta Geographical Rep