Dave Burchell PRC Report (Oct. 2012)



Report of the Persons With Disabilities Representative to the Prairie Region Council submitted for the October 12-13, 2012 meeting. This report covers the period from the last PRC meeting.

Dave Burchell, Persons With Disabilities Representative
Report to the Prairie Region Council
October 2012

My report, regrettably, is being submitted late. I was on holidays, then in Ottawa 10-13 Sep, and back to work this week. Noticed the email, again, and realized I had missed the deadline.

As Rep for persons with disabilities, it has been very busy within my workplace. Scent is a huge issue that seems to be ignored in its accommodation and in its enforcement of the TBS/PSC Policy on the Duty to Accommodate Persons with Disabilities. Posters, talking to people over and over again, and occasional emails from HR don’t amount to much when the offending individuals are not called to task for constantly ignoring management’s directions to eliminate/reduce scent in the workplace.

I have also been very involved with a member who has cognitive difficulties and this has been a challenge as I see a side that the member does not portray to their manager. Needless to say, this member has been affected, although they don’t have and have not had a work description for three years! This due to the fact they are not giving this member any meaningful work.

Another member who has had to go to mediation and I was part of that process.

Attended EAC meetings when available.

The EHRC has not met for quite some time. This has been a bit of a concern and I had raised this to our RO. Shortly after doing so, we found out Robyn would be visiting us and a meeting was being held!

I had also worked closely with my Component HR committee as the PWD Rep, but due to the sudden passing of Laurel Gladu in May, I was asked by my Regional team to step up and run for the ARVP position for AB/Nunavut/NWT. I was successful in being elected to this position and had to step down as the UNE Rep for PWDs. This means that I get to help people throughout the Region more often as my mandate is to visit the Locals once in the three year term (14 months have elapsed already).

I attended and assisted with the Labour Day BBQ in Edmonton. Took a lot of pictures involving Carm, Jerrad, Nina and some other activists working hard.

Attended UNE HR Committee meeting in May.

Attended UNE National Executive meeting in September and appointed as part of the Steering Committee for our OSH Conf in Oct. Will be at the OSH Conf form 16-21 Oct in Montreal (my home town by the way!)

Appointed as the Regional WFA Committee member for UNE/PSAC with Aboriginal Affairs in September.

Co-Chair of my Local OSH Committee as of August.