Crash The Party: A Rally to Protest Conservative Attacks on Canada

Crash the Conservative Convention with us as we rally against the Conservative’s impaired judgment and reckless policies.

<--break->Your union is organizing a rally against the Conservative government attacks and we need your support to ensure it’s a success.

As you may have heard, the federal Conservative Convention will take place in Calgary next week, from October 31 to November 2. While in Calgary, convention delegates will debate policy resolutions that would support “right to work” legislation, while severely limiting how unions can spend members’ dues (see resolutions affecting abour attached below).

On top of cutting jobs and slashing crucial programs and services, the Conservatives have been attacking organized labour with anti-labour legislation such as Bill C-377 and Bill C-525. Just this week the Conservatives introduced another ideology-driven budget implementation bill (Bill C-4) that will undermine bargaining rights and strip certain public servants of the right to strike. The latest bill represents a far-reaching attack on public service workers, the large majority of which are our members.

Your attendance at this rally and support getting the word out to your colleagues, friends and family is absolutely critical. 

PSAC is taking the lead on this and we are working collaboratively with other unions and progressive organizations. We are all affected by the destructive Conservative policies and this event will reflect our united voices and issues. We must stop them for the future of unions and the future of our country.

Please join us on Saturday, November 2 at 11:30 a.m. at the corner of 14th & Macleod Trail SE (across the street from the Victoria Park/Stampede Station CTrain) for a rally to protest the Conservative’s attacks.

Speakers include Robyn Benson (PSAC national president), Clayton Thomas-Muller (writer and advocate on environmental and economic justice), Sheelah McLean (Idle No More co-founder), Brigette DePape (“Rogue Page”, writer and activist), Diane Orihel (PhD Candidate in Ecology), and Gil McGowan (Alberta Federation of Labour president).

Find “Crash The Party: A Rally to Protest Conservative Attacks on Canada” on Facebook or email Jeffrey Vallis for more information.

There are other events happening in conjunction with our rally. See the complete schedule of events attached below, as well as the event poster for the rally, which you can print and post or circulate among your contacts.