Convention 2014 Resolutions Results

Resolution Subject Convention Decision
  Prairie Region Council Budget Carried
FIN-014A Regulation 15A Task Force Report Carried
FIN-006A Electronic Voting for Ratification Votes Carried
FIN-010 Reduce Social Justice Demand in Bargaining Carried
BL-003 Electronic Voting at Prairie Region Convention Amended resolution carried
BL-002 Young Worker Committees Carried
BL-011A Membership Rights Amended resolution divided: 1st B.I.R. tabled, 2nd & 3rd B.I.R. carried
BL-005 PRC Objectives Amended resolution carried
BL-004 Area Council Objective Carried
BL-017 2nd Alternate for PRC Positions Carried
BL-006 PRC Objectives Carried
BL-010 PRC Membership Rights Carried
BL-013 Delegate Status to Prairie Region Convention Carried
BL-007 PRC Quorum Defeated
BL-008 PRC Standing Committees Carried
BL-009 Delegate Status to Prairie Region Convention Carried
BL-014 Delegate Status to Prairie Region Convention Tabled
BL-015 Prairie Region Triennial Convention Location Carried
BL-016 PRC Reporting Defeated
BL-018 Responsibilities of DCL PRC Representative Carried
BL-019 Vacancy of PRC Representative Carried
BL-020 Young Workers Delegates to the Prairie Region Convention Carried
BL-028 Prairie Region Triennial Convention – Delegate Entitlement Defeated
GEN-002 Child Care Provider Amended resolution tabled
GEN-013 Removal of Barriers for Members with Disabilities Amended resolution carried
GEN-018 Protective Reassignment for Pregnant and Nursing Mothers Carried
GEN-005 PSAC Constitution Carried
GEN-004 PRC Representation Reporting Carried

Delegates debated and voted on all resolutions with concurrence recommendations from Convention Committees, with the exception of four concurrence resolutions in the General Resolutions package. These resolutions will be debated and voted on by the Prairie Region Council at the first PRC meeting following Convention on Sepember 22, 2014 in Regina.