Community mobilizes to protest sale of hot springs

Jasper, AB – Residents from Jasper, Hinton and surrounding areas will come together Wednesday to discuss the sale of the Miette Hot Springs in Jasper National Park, one of the three Canadian Rockies Hot Springs facing privatization under Harper’s Conservative government.

“As usual, the federal government chose not to consult with the people who are affected most by their reckless cuts to public services,” says Marianne Hladun, Regional Executive Vice-President for the PSAC Prairie Region. “This town hall meeting will allow the community to voice concerns about how this will hurt their local economy and the environment.”

Community members will gather on Wednesday, January 9 at 7:00 p.m. at the Sawridge Inn, 76 Connaught Drive, in Jasper, Alberta. Hladun, joined by other guest speakers, will give an overview of the issue. All are welcome to attend and encouraged to share their thoughts on the sale.

More than a popular tourist attraction, the hot springs are a cornerstone of the community. Under privatization, visitors will either see an increase in rates or decrease in the standards of service because that’s the only way a private company can turn a profit.

The town hall meeting is organized by the Public Service Alliance of Canada, the union representing employees working at Parks Canada’s Hot Springs Enterprise Unit.

PSAC is one of Canada’s largest unions, representing 180,000 workers and over 5,600 in Northern Alberta, including Jasper, Edmonton, and surrounding areas.