Chris Little-Gagné Report November 2018

Christopher Little-Gagne


Prairie Region Council November 2018


February 12 –

March 19 – Rainbow Resource Centre Community Panelist on the Government of Canada Apology to LGBT+ community
April 4 – National Human Rights LGBTQ2+ call
April 29 – May 4 – PSAC Triennial Convention
May 24 – 27 – Manitoba Federation of Labour Convention
June 3 – Pride Winnipeg
July 14 – Pride Fort Frances Ontario (First every Pride crossing an International Border)
July 26 – National Human Rights LGBTQ2+ call
September 6 – PRC Education Committee call
October 10 – PRC conference call

1. PSAC LGBT Rep Letter: Positive Space Initiative (January 9, 2018)

Hello Activists,

I am writing to increase awareness of the Positive Space Initiative, which was based on the Positive Space Campaign of the Ontario Public Service. The initiative aims to positively enhance the work experiences of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, Two –Spirit and questioning+ (LGBTQ2+) employees by encouraging the creation of a safer, more inclusive, and open-minded environment.

The creation of a Positive Space is committed to:

  • providing a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere for people of all sexual orientations and gender identities;
  • discussing sexual orientation and gender identities in a positive way; and
  • referring questions on sexual orientation and gender identities to a contact person as appropriate.

The Positive Space Initiative in the Ontario Public Service and many Government of Canada workplaces is there to train Positive Space Ambassadors as well as provide diversity training.  Ambassadors then become visible in their workspace as a “positive space” for anyone dealing with sexual orientation or gender identity issues, or for anyone seeking more information on the subject.

While ambassadors may not be an expert on LGBTQ issues, they are committed to providing helpful resources and referrals, and to educate in contributing to a more diverse and inclusive public service.

This Initiative is very important and should be taken on by all workplaces.  Activists within the union should be on these initiatives to ensure that management is not just implementing to say they have one, but not creating an inclusive workplace.

Government of Canada workplaces: GCconnex – search Positive Space Initiative; there are many Departments that have ambassadors. You can also contact the Canada School of Public Service to see if there is training in your area.

Separate Employers or Directly Chartered Locals: There are many tools out there that can be used to help work with Management on bringing in this great Initiative.……

I am willing to work with you on the many approaches that can be implemented in your workplaces. I look forward to assisting you on being an active member/ally for an inclusive workplace.

Contact your regional PSAC office for any training PSAC offers.

In Solidarity,

Chris Little-Gagné
LGBT Representative PSAC Prairie Regional Council

2. Letter from LGBTQ2+ Rep on 2018 Pride Activities in the Prairies (April 18, 2018)

Hello Members, Area Councils, Human Rights Committees and Women’s Committees. My name is Chris Little-Gagné and I am your elected GLBT Representative on the Prairie Region Council. 

May 17th is the International Day against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia.  The 2018 campaign this year is “Still a crime in my country”, visit to get great information or print off posters to help share for diversity and inclusion at your workplace. (Digital information should be available soon.)

As we are currently entering the Pride season, below are the current events. Please let us know what PSAC committees and members are doing to show support. We would love to share photos of local pride events on the PSAC Prairies website. You can let Thomas Linner know at




I would like to remind everyone of the great PSAC campaigns (Child Care and Domestic Violence).  These campaigns do affect the LGBT+ community as well and there could be some great tie-ins and support from the community if approached. Please contact me if you are looking at gaining more information about the Positive Space initiative and how you can bring diversity and inclusion for LGBT+ members to your local/workplace.

In Solidarity,

Christopher Little-Gagné
GLBT Prairies Representative