Chris Little-Gagne Report July 2017

On April 24th I sent in an introduction letter about myself and a large amount of the Pride events in the prairies to the REVP’s office. As the PSAC Prairies website is not accurate I am waiting for the PSAC to send out the letter. As of June 25th this has not yet happened.

Currently there are events happening across Canada for Pride. Pride activities are underway in the region. Winnipeg Pride parade was June 4th and was a great success. This was the first year that we had a float in the parade and our members did a great job showing PSAC in a create community light. I was not able to attend in person as I was in Ottawa. We had members attend Brandon’s 3rd Pride parade on June 17th. I am waiting to hear back from the other cities within the regions. Congratulations on Flin Flon and Kenora on their first Pride activities.

Here is a clip from the letter I have created to be sent out: 


  • Jasper Pride: March
  • Edmonton Pride Festival: June 9 to 18
  • Lethbridge Pride: June 26 to July 4
  • Central Alberta Pride Week (Red Deer): August 13 to 23 Calgary Pride: August 25 to September 4
  • Medicine Hat Pride: September
  • Gay and Lesbian Association of the Peace (Grand Prairie): ?
  • Fort McMurrary LGBTQmunity: ?


  • Moose Jaw Pride: May 1 to 7 Prince Albert Pride Week: ?
  • Southwest Saskatchewan Pride (Swift Current): May 29 – June 3
  • Saskatoon Pride: June 12 to 19
  • Queen City Pride (Regina): June 9 to 18


  • Brandon Pride: June 12- 18
  • Pride Winnipeg: May 26 – June 4
  • Flin Flon: August 18th (first Pride)
  • Pride North of 55 (Thompson): June 10
  • Steinbach Pride: July 15

I have been working with the Government of Canada’s interdepartmental Positive Space initiative. I highly recommend all members of the Federal Government who are allies to or members of the LGBTQ+ community attend their department’s initiatives or the interdepartmental initiative. Union activists should be active in making positive change from within. Any member interested should feel free to contact me for more information.

My Activities May 30 – sent an introduction letter to the PSAC Regional Office (Winnipeg) to have sent out to all councils and locals about myself and Pride events in the prairies June 18 – attended the Manitoba Marathon as a volunteer for the PSAC water station In Solidarity,


Christopher Little-Gagné