Chris Little-Gagné Report February 2018


Apr 21- 23 – PSAC Prairies Triennial

May 3 – PSAC Winnipeg Area Council

May 6 – Rainbow Resource Centre Gala

Jun 18 – PSAC Manitoba Marathon Water table

Jul12 – Borderland pride meeting Fort Frances

Jul 15 – Steinbach Pride Parade

Jul 28 – PSAC picket at Winnipeg Airport

Jul 29 – PSAC Phoenix picket to the Prime Minister in Winnipeg

Aug 8 – LGBT intro letter sent out to prairies

Aug 27 – Ottawa Pride Parade

Sept 14 – PSAC PRC meeting

Oct 2 – PSAC PRC Disciplinary call

Nov 20 – Statement on Trans Day of Remembrance

Nov 24 – Letter sent to Alberta premier on GSA’s

Nov 30 – Dec 3 – PSAC Leadership training in Ottawa

Dec 3 – PRC education committee meeting

Dec 4 – 5 – PSAC National Human Right Meeting Ottawa

Dec 13 – PSAC Winnipeg Area Council meeting

Jan 3 – email sent to Habitat for Humanity on Union activity approach

Feb 5 – Canadian Labour Congress lobby training

Feb 10 – 11 – PRC meeting in Edmonton


  1. Letter from LGBT Rep (August 8 2017):

Hello Area Councils, Human Rights Committees and Women’s Committees.

My name is Chris Little-Gagné and I am your elected GLBT Representative on the Prairie Region Council. 

A bit about me from my PRC Bio:

I have been involved with PSAC for eight years and am currently Union of National Employees Regional Vice-President for Manitoba. In the past, I have served in various roles, including: ARVP UNE Manitoba; President of Local 50235; Vice-President of Local 50235; Human Rights Rep for Local 50235; and Chair of the Winnipeg Human Rights Committee. Outside of PSAC, I am currently a member of Solidarity & Pride Committee for the Manitoba Federation of Labour. I am currently working with my department at bringing the Positive Space Initiative in (a Government wide initiative to create a safe space for LGBT* members and their allies).

I am hoping to work with you to assist your committees and councils on issues concerning the LGBT2QI* community.  I am willing and able to set up time to call into your meetings if there is anything that you would require my assistance on.

I would like to remind everyone of the great PSAC campaigns (Child Care and Domestic Violence).  Please take the time to consider that these campaigns do affect the LGBT* community as well and there could be some great tie-ins and support from the community if approached.

As we are currently entering the Pride season, below are the current events that I am aware of. I would like it if your committees and councils can let me know what you are doing to show PSAC support and let me know if there is anything I can support on.

Jasper Pride: March
Edmonton Pride Festival: June 9 to 18
Lethbridge Pride: June 26 to July 4
Central Alberta Pride Week (Red Deer): August 13 to 23
Calgary Pride: August 25 to September 4
Medicine Hat Pride: September
Gay and Lesbian Association of the Peace (Grand Prairie)
Fort McMurrary LGBTQmunity

Moose Jaw Pride: May 1 to 7
Prince Albert Pride Week:
Southwest Saskatchewan Pride (Swift Current): May 29 – June 3
Saskatoon Pride: June 12 to 19
Queen City Pride (Regina): June 9 to 18

Brandon Pride: June 12- 18
Pride Winnipeg: May 26 – June 4
Pride North of 55 (Thompson): June 10
Steinbach Pride: July 15
Winnipeg should focus on the following for an activity in 2020.

Other dates of importance:

January 27

Holocaust Remembrance Day


March 31

International Transgender Day of Visibility


April 13

Day of Pink


May 17

International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia


May 22

Harvey Milk Day


May 24

Pansexual and Panromantic Awareness

and Visibility Day


LGBTQ+ Pride Month


June 28

Stonewall Riots Anniversary



Bisexual Awareness Week


September 23

Celebrate Bisexuality Day


October 11

National Coming Out Day


October 15

Spirit Day


October 26

Intersex Awareness Day



Ally Week



Asexual Awareness Day


November 8

Intersex Day of Remembrance

(Intersex Solidarity Day)

November 20

Transgender Day of Remembrance


December 1

World AIDS Day


December 10

Human Rights Day


Thank you for taking the time to read this and feel free to contact me if you have any further questions or actions that you will need assistance with.

Chris Little-Gagné

 2. TDOR letter (November 20 2017):

PSAC Prairies Statement: Trans Day of Remembrance

On November 20, communities across the Prairies, Canada and the world gather to remember those trans people who have passed away in the past year, including victims of transphobic violence. As we remember, we must rededicate ourselves to the struggle against discrimination and violence that too often targets transgender and gender-variant people. 

We know that we have a lot to do. A recent study of transgender youth in Manitoba and Saskatchewan has found that nearly 50 per cent of school-age youth in Manitoba and Saskatchewan attempted suicide, while 60 per cent had engaged in self-harming behaviour. These figures are both well above the already tragic national numbers. In Alberta, results of a similar survey show that almost 65 per cent of transgender youth have thought about suicide.

In Canada, we can finally celebrate the passing of Bill C-16, which will enshrine trans rights into Canadian law. This legislation adds gender identity and gender expression as prohibited grounds of discrimination under the Canadian Human Rights Act. It also adds gender identity and gender expression to the list of distinguishing characteristics of “identifiable groups” protected by the hate speech provisions in the Criminal Code. Ten of the 13 provincial and territorial jurisdictions already have similar legislation in place.

PSAC has been a strong supporter of the rights of our gay and lesbian, bisexual and trans members. We campaigned for C-16, and have bargained language in our collective agreements on issues such as discrimination on the basis of gender identity or gender expression, access to safe washrooms and change rooms, and the right to be referred to by one’s chosen gender. This work continues.

All people deserve respect, equality and protection from discrimination and violence. We will do everything in our power to be better allies and put an end to transphobia and transphobic violence.

In Solidarity,

Chris Little-Gagné
Regional Vice-President, Manitoba
Union of National Employees, PSAC
GLBT Representative on the Prairie Region Council, PSAC

Marianne Hladun  
Regional Executive Vice-President, Prairies
Public Service Alliance of Canada

  1. Letter to Alberta Premier on GSA’s (November 24 2017):

Letter: Congratulations to Alberta Premier Rachel Notley on the Passing of Bill 24

PSAC-Prairies has written Premier Notley to congratulate her and her government on passing legislation to support Gay-Straight Alliances in Alberta schools. (Text below; the letter is also attached).

Premier Rachel Notley

RE: Congratulations on the passing of Bill 24

We are writing today to congratulate you and your government on the passing of Bill 24: An Act to Support Gay-Straight Alliances. With this legislation, some of the most vulnerable students in Alberta will now be protected in law.

The positive impact of Gay-Straight Alliances and other similar student organizations is clear. Bill 24 ensures that students can have access to peer support when they need it the most, and that every single school in Alberta that receives public dollars must have a policy that clearly allows students to form a gay-straight alliance. Because these policies will be made public by school authorities, there will transparency and accountability to the students and communities they serve. It is vital that students know that their right to access the support they need is not subject to the whims of any one institution or individual. No one can be outed for their participation in a GSA or QSA.

Unfortunately, this legislation has been subject to mis-informed and sometimes malicious opposition. While the majority of public discussion has been respectful and democratic, some public figures have chosen to use this legislation to further marginalize the LGBT community and promote fear.

By recognizing the benefits of these student organizations, including the very real potential to save lives, the Government of Alberta has placed itself on the right side of history.


Chris Little-Gagné

Regional Vice-President, Manitoba

Union of National Employees, PSAC

GLBT Representative on the Prairie Region Council, PSAC


Marianne Hladun  

Regional Executive Vice-President, Prairies

Public Service Alliance of Canada



  1. Positive Space Letter:

January 9, 2018

Hello Activists,

I am writing to increase awareness of the Positive Space Initiative, which was based on the Positive Space Campaign of the Ontario Public Service. The initiative aims to positively enhance the work experiences of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, Two –Spirit and questioning+ (LGBTQ2+) employees by encouraging the creation of a safer, more inclusive, and open-minded environment.

The creation of a Positive Space is committed to:

– providing a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere for people of all sexual orientations and gender


– discussing sexual orientation and gender identities in a positive way; and

– referring questions on sexual orientation and gender identities to a contact person as appropriate.

The Positive Space Initiative in the Ontario Public Service and many Government of Canada workplaces is there to train Positive Space Ambassadors as well as provide diversity training. Ambassadors then become visible in their workspace as a “positive space” for anyone dealing with sexual orientation or gender identity issues, or for anyone seeking more information on the subject.

While ambassadors may not be an expert on LGBTQ issues, they are committed to providing helpful resources and referrals, and to educate in contributing to a more diverse and inclusive public service.

This Initiative is very important and should be taken on by all workplaces. Activists within the union should be on these initiatives to ensure that management is not just implementing to say they have one, but not creating an inclusive workplace.

Government of Canada workplaces: GCconnex – search Positive Space Initiative; there are many Departments that have ambassadors. You can also contact the Canada School of Public Service to see if there is training in your area.

Separate Employers or Directly Chartered Locals: There are many tools out there that can be used to help work with Management on bringing in this great Initiative.

I am willing to work with you on the many approaches that can be implemented in your workplaces. I look

forward to assisting you on being an active member/ally for an inclusive workplace.

Contact your regional PSAC office for any training PSAC offers.

In Solidarity,

Chris Little-Gagné

LGBT Representative PSAC Prairie Regional Counci