CFIA Ratification Vote – Notice of Meetings – Feb 7 2018

CFIA Ratification Vote
AGR Local 30074

As per Regulation 15 attending one of the two meetings below is your opportunity to get the information directly from your bargaining team member, Randy Olynyk, and ask questions before casting your vote.

Location: Radisson Hotel 6500 67St, Red Deer, AB T4P 1A2
Meeting Room: Cascades East
Date: Feb 7, 2018
Meeting Times: 5:00pm and 6:15pm (45 minutes per meeting)

***** you will NOT be casting your vote at this meeting ALL voting members will receive a PIN by email or by mail by January 26, 2018 and once you attend an information session in person or via webinar your PIN will be activated and you will then cast your ballot by phone or online*****

For more information contact:
Nina Babcook, PSAC Term Regional Representative, 780-423-1290 or