Calgary RWC Mtg Minutes – Sep 15 2014

Attending: Chairperson: Deb Kosteniuk; Hazel Buchanan; Tabossom Javadi-Doudarani; Stephanie Vandewaeter; Nancy Johnson (by phone)

Date: Monday, September 15, 2014 @ 5:30pm
Location: PSAC Calgary Office, Suite 302, 301-14th Street NW, Hillhurst Professional Building, Calgary AB, T2N 2A1
Chairperson: Deb Kosteniuk
Attending: Hazel Buchanan, Tabossom Javadi-Doudarani, Stephanie Vandewaeter, Nancy Johnson (by phone)
Regrets: Emma Bertamini (Secretary), Dolly Ablitt (Regional Representative)
1. Meeting called to order at 5:40 pm.
2. Adoption of Minutes from June 16, 2014 – Minutes Accepted.
3. Motion to adopt agenda. Stephanie motioned, Tobassom seconded.
4. Old Business:
    a. PSAC convention – Stephanie attended, it was a good experience. Met a couple of other women from RWC’s but most sat with their component, which was disappointing. The child care motion was adopted after being re-worded.
    b. Globalfest – Tabossom attended the citizenship ceremony. Everyone was dressed up it was very emotional. Everyone took an oath. It rained when Hazel was there so people loved the tent. There was lots of foot traffic and everyone loved the wheel. Deb gave closing remarks on the Friday evening. Temporary foreign workers were discussed. There were so many speakers that they had to turn some away. Deb was interviewed by CJSW university station, which was a half an hour long. 
    c. Labour Day BBQ – Hazel attended at 9:00 am on the Monday, but waited 45 minutes and no one showed up. Her daughter then got sick so they left. Deb was involved in a car accident so couldn’t attend. 50 thousand burgers and hot dogs were served. They had lots of volunteers. 
       The bills/invoices for Globalfest and Labour Day BBQ have not come in. Budgeted $500 for Globalfest prizes, and $350 for Labour day BBQ condiments. Timothy Hunt has the bill and will follow up with Dolly. 
5. New Business:
    a. The 19th of September is the “Take Back the Night” event. Deb will send out info. It is a walk in the downtown area for violence against women. 
    b. Oct 4th is the “Sisters in Spirit” event. Deb will talk to Dolly. Bagged lunches was suggested by Owoatan. Deb will speak with Sherri regarding this event. The John Dutton public library rents for $25/hr. 
    c. Kitchen Table Child Care Evening – Tables for Nov or beginning of Dec. 
6. Financial Update: Hazel. $2069 received from old committee. Then received $500 as we asked for $3100 for budgeted events. Have a current balance of $2502, but waiting for Globalfest and BBQ expenses.
7. Dec 6th is the 25th anniversary of “National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women”. Really consider going, it’s an important cause. Nancy would like to have quarterly meeting with our Chair, Deb. 
8. Next regular meeting will be held (possibly) Monday Oct 20, 2014.
9. Meeting adjourned at 6:40 pm.