Calgary RWC Mtg Minutes (Oct 6 2009)

In attendance: Joyce Lewis, Chair of RWC, CEIU 30877; Sylvia Garrioch, CEIU 30877; Nicole Frechette, Treasurer, RWC, AGR 30046; Gail Chafe, PSAC RO Staff; Via Teleconference: Tanya Galenzoski, PRC RWC Rep; Dolly Ablitt, PSAC RO Staff

Calgary Regional Women’s Committee Meeting

October 6, 2009 @ PSAC Calgary RO

In attendance:

Joyce Lewis, Chair of RWC, CEIU 30877

Sylvia Garrioch, CEIU 30877

Nicole Frechette, Treasurer, RWC, AGR 30046

Gail Chafe, PSAC RO Staff

Via Teleconference: Tanya Galenzoski, PRC RWC Rep

Dolly Ablitt, PSAC RO Staff

Regrets: Tammy Sapach, Secretary, CEIU 30857


1. Review Minutes of June 9, 2009 / Business Arising From

2. Women’s Action Hall: Shaping Policy, Changing Lives

3. Election Prep Meeting – Minutes (September 30, 2009)

4. Update – Labour Day BBQ (September 7, 2009)

5. Walk a Mile in Her Shoes Event

6. Southern Alberta 1 Day Women’s Seminar

7. Winnipeg Women’s Forum (December 2009)

8. Update – Sister’s in Spirit Event

9. Stand Up / Take Action Make

Poverty History Event/s

10. Next Meeting

1. Minutes of June 9, 2009 / Business Arising From:

Joyce Lewis read the minutes of the June 9 th meeting of the RWC. No amendments. No

business arising from.

Q re # 5, PSAC Prairie Union School: Sister Tanya Galenzoski asked if the Duty to

Accommodate was explained in detail and included Family Status ? Dolly responded

that all of the prohibitive grounds under the Human Rights Legislation had been explained.

Adopt Minutes of June 9 th , as read. Moved – Sylvia Garrioch

2 nd – Nicole Frechette


2. Women’s Action Hall:

There is a Women’s Action Hall meeting this Thursday, October 8, 2009, 6-8 pm.

Action: Joyce Lewis and Sylvia Garrioch will be attending, as Dolly is unable to.

Women’s Action Hall: October there will be a Policy and Power learning series update, a

session on “What you can do to be politically active during an election”, and more.

The Action Hall is an exciting opportunity for women in Calgary to discuss issues and

current events and work towards social action on the fight for women’s rights.

Their Address: 646 First Avenue N.E., Calgary, AB T2E 0B6

3. Minutes of the CAC/HRC/RWC Meeting on Election Preparation:

-The Minutes of the September 30 joint meeting were summarized for the RWC as no one from

the Committee was able to attend the meeting.

– Was a brainstorming session on what can and can’t be done, what would they want to

do to prepare and preparation of a budget for what activities are decided upon.

The priority items for the national PSAC platform were outlined.

Suggestions for some activities were discussed.

6 days LWOP for some members to come in and work on activities.

Budget for Activities/Events was formulated, and forwarded to the REVPs office for


NOTE: Another meeting of the CAC, RWC, and HRC will be held on Tuesday, November

3 rd at 5:30 pm in the PSAC Calgary RO.

4. Update – Labour Day BBQ:

A brief update on the September 7 th 1 st Union Labour Day BBQ / PSAC Think Public Event

was given by Joyce Lewis.

The Calgary Human Rights Committee/Calgary Regional Women’s Committee and the

Calgary Area Council were all involved in helping to organize and participate in this event.

This was done in conjunction with other Labour Unions and done through the Calgary

District Labour Council.

Action: The RWC still owes some funds for participation in this event – Dolly will provide

the amount to Nicole so she can reimburse the Area Council. However, the amount will

be minimal as the Think Public Funds covered a lot of the expenditures, and as well there

were donations from Locals which helped to offset expenses.

Video of this event is on the PSAC Calgary RO Area Council website.

5. Walk a Mile in Her Shoes Event:

Brother Danial Curotte, President of the Calgary Area Council, and PRC AC Rep,

participated in a fundraising event – Walk a Mile in Her Shoes. He wore high heels for

this event and walked two laps at Olympic Plaza. Approximately $123,000 was raised for

the YWCA to prevent Violence Against Women.

The Calgary RWC donated $100.00 towards this event.

6. Southern Alberta 1 Day Women’s Seminar:

The PSAC will be holding Women’s Program Regional Forums in each region from

December 2009 to January 2010.

This will be open to women activists in Southern Alberta. However, due to the limited

budget of $2,000 their Local would need to send and pay for them to attend.

Action: A proposal for this event will need to be formulated, and the proposal and budget

will need to be submitted to Sister Robyn Benson, and to the National Women’s Program

Officer, Sister Andrée Côté in Ottawa (cc to Sister Ducharme) for approval.

The Calgary Regional Women’s Committee will take the lead in organizing this Seminar.

Gail Chafe, staff in the PSAC Calgary RO, will assist; as Dolly Ablitt is presently working

parttime on an Organizing project.

The focus of the Seminar should be something of interest to women, such as Human

Trafficking, Safety, Violence Against Women, etc. Could partner with CDLC/Calgary

YWCA/Women’s Resource Centre/University of Calgary. Use of Speakers

(inspirational), Panel Discussions, with a lighter activity later in the day, i.e. belly dancing.

Sunday, December 6 is End Violence Against Women and this year is the 20 th Anniversary

of Montreal Massacre. Perhaps something could be done around this.

Saturday, December 5 th would be a good day to have the Seminar in this case.

Movie “Polytechnique” is out on pay per view (maybe video now) and if it is appropriate that

could be shown with a debrief or panel discussion to follow with some solutions explored.

See website:

This option will be explored.

Action: The Calgary RWC needs to meet soon to put together a proposal and budget for

submission/approval. Calgary RO Staff at a Staff Conference Oct. 1316,

so next meeting should be week of October 19 th . October 20 th , 5:30 pm, PSAC Calgary RO Boardroom was set as the next meeting date to deal with this.

Dolly will provide her contacts at the UofC, Women’s Resource Centre, etc.

7. Winnipeg Women’s Forum (December 2009):

There will be a Prairie Regional Women Form in Winnipeg on Monday, December 7 and

Tuesday, December 8, 2009. Sisters Patty Ducharme and Andrée Côté will be in

attendance, as well as Tanya Galenzoski, PRC Women’s Rep. It is estimated that

approximately 25 women activists, RWC activists (at least one per RWC), interested PSAC

activists, particularly young mothers, and some RO staff will be attending.

An invitation will be sent to each of the RWCs asking for the name/s of a participant/s. This

should be out by the end of October.

Regional Offices will also be asked to provide names of participants who they feel might be

interested in attending. The topics of discussion will most likely be Child Care and Pay


8. Update – Sister’s in Spirit Event:

Dolly Ablitt attended the Sister’s In Spirit Event on Monday, October 5, 2009 in downtown

Calgary. She was a flag holder and the event spanned 2 ½ hours. Good turn out, even

with colder weather.

9. Stand Up / Take Action Make

Poverty History Event/s:

The email that was sent out earlier today regarding the above was discussed.

John Gordon had sent out an email regarding the October 16-18 global “Stand Up and

Make poverty History” event. Deadline to report the numbers who stand up and take

action is no later than 11:39 (relevant local time) on Oct 18. The contact in Ottawa is:

Janet St. Jean, PSAC Social Justice Fund, Ottawa at stjeanj@psacafpc.

com / telephone:


Action: Sister Lewis will contact Danial Curotte, President of the CAC, as he held an

event last year at the Harry Hays Building – she will see if he is organizing one this year

and they can participate.

10. Next Meeting:

The Calgary RWC will have an emergency meeting on Tuesday, October 20 th , at 5:30 pm,

in the PSAC Calgary Regional Office, Suite 302, 301 14 th Street NW, Calgary, AB T2N 2A1

(Telephone: 403 2706555).

Action: Gail will do up a flyer and send out tomorrow regarding this meeting.

Adjournment: Meeting adjourned at 6:30 pm.