Calgary RWC Mtg Minutes – Oct 26 2016

In Attendance: Deb Kosteniuk, UTE 30024; Kirsten Strachey UTE 30024; Vicky Norris UTE 30024; Arliss Chute USGE 30129; Amy Downing, AG 30046; Valda ????? RCMP USE 30009; Jennifer Jurca, UCTE 30318; Dolly Ablitt, Regional Representative

RWC Minutes, October 26, 2016

In Attendance:
Deb Kosteniuk, UTE 30024
Kirsten Strachey UTE 30024
Vicky Norris UTE 30024
Arliss Chute USGE 30129
Amy Downing, AG 30046
Valda ????? RCMP USE 30009
Jennifer Jurca, UCTE 30318
Dolly Ablitt, Regional Representative

Tabassom Javadi Doudarani, UNE 30040
Ayanna Ayi, CEIU 30856
Allison Tse UTE 30024

1. The Meeting called to order at 6:12 p.m.
-Motion made to adopt the agenda was made by Jenn, Vicki seconded.
Agenda was adopted without amendment.

-Minutes from previous meetings- July 18, 2016 Vicki moved to accept minutes as presented seconded by Jenn
September 21, 2016- Arliss moved to accept minutes as presented, Vicki seconded

2. National Childcare Project- Shannon Little from Lethbridge joined conversation 6:30
-took campaign from being a one-time card to monthly ecard and wrapping up with a printed card in March for the members to sign at the National EO in March.
Nov- Red Riding hood-red for November, scary wolf element of danger.
Dec- stockings were hung by chimneys with care, In hopes a national childcare program soon would be there
Jan-Hansel and Gretel
Feb- Jack and the bean stock
March-We’re done huffing and puffing for Universal Childcare, No more Fairy Tales

Discussion ideas
-Cinderella images as dirty and working, not going to the ball.
-While a prince would be nice, Cinderella could have benefited from Universal Childcare
-Hansel and Gretel needed a safe place to go. Don’t rely on a trail of bread crumbs while looking for childcare.
-Frosty might make a good friend but doesn’t make for good childcare
-Ghost of past, present and future, childcare past-residential schools, sending them to work.
-Little match girl.
Golden egg-might be too close for Golden pension
Why are we punishing women for having children and keeping them in poverty to pay for childcare.
Members of Parliament, Senators, Members of Legislature It is time to team up for the children
-Universal Childcare-It shouldn’t be a fairy-tale anymore tagline.
The postcards be linked to website to have additional information ie PSAC national childcare program.

3. Sisters in Spirit Vigil- October 4, 2016 in Calgary, largest attended event so far. Current number of missing Aboriginal women or child is estimated to be over 1200. Art project “Footprints” put forward by 2 teenagers that have been personally affected. Our committee donated approximately 200 pairs of shoes. 1300 pairs were donated in total. Lots of media attention was gathered.
RWC Calgary also donated $600 which was used for lunches-150 lunches were made, using PSAC stickers, and the slap fans from the Idle no More campaign. People were talking about hearing the slap from the fans during the march.
Great feedback regarding the stickers on the lunch bags. It was an empowering event to be a part of.
Next year- estimate of 500 stickers and would like to produce T-Shirts for next year
Our committee would like more notice as people would like to do more.
-Email from Deb to REVP to amend budget. Approved.
– Deb part of planning committee, will start planning event in June/17.

4. December 6, 2016 Day of Remembrance-
University of Calgary service is 12-1 pm hard to participate. Service used to be outside and we donated hot chocolate. The services are now held indoor and we have not recently contributed.
SAIT-has a memorial onsite and places roses. They have since moved to expanding the event to “a day against violence”. Jen will reach out to them to see what has been planned and if it is evening event.
Another idea is sponsoring 2 people to event by USGE on December 6, 2016-$80/ticket, send to Locals to put out to members

5. Small steps can take us places-Its not only the big steps that we take, it is the small steps that get us places.
– what are some other things can the Calgary RWC do to raise awareness and gain committees. Community Garden, Sponsored swimming. Did picnic June 14-poorly attended event. Pop up ice cream event October PSAC 50th anniversary-approx. 300 people.
Looking for ideas to generate interest? ie Soup sisters – Organization that does that gets people together, makes soup and donates it. Small groups, gathering to do something community orientated. Should have element of fun, and bonds us(gives a sense of community)
Effective gathers with meaning. Looking at starting in Jan, 2017.
There is a December 3 event -Christmas bureau, charity check stop in Red Deer, committee could drive up for the day. 403 347 2210

Round table:
Dolly-NAPC course 0 applicants in Alberta. If interested in event for Women like Northern AB, then a proposal will need to be put forward. We could use NA as guideline. It is for new members of aboriginal descent. Dolly is meeting with Andrea Cote and would like to have postcard poems for tomorrow.
Deb-NPRC will be meeting Nov 4-6, Deb will speak to graphic designer.

Kirsten-wanted to confirm addresses for National Childcare program. Deb stated that PSAC has list complied.
Vicki- in November Metis Family Services brown bag lunch campaign, will deliver brown bag lunches, bannock sandwiches. Deb will put link on website.
Jen-expressed interest in attending PSAC triennial national conference-representative to be voted on in Jan. Deadline for resolutions for December 6, 2016.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:05 p.m.

Next meeting to be held November 9, 2016 at 5:30 p.m.

Recorder: Kirsten Strachey, RWC Secretary, UTE 30024