Calgary RWC Mtg Minutes (June 9 2009)

In Attendance: Nicole Frechette – AGR 30046; Joyce Lewis – CEIU 30877; Sylvia Garrioch – CEIU 30877; Tammy Sapach – CEIU 30857; Dolly Ablitt – PSAC Calgary RO Staff

PSAC Calgary Regional Women’s Committee Meeting

June 9th, 2009 at Calgary Regional Office

In Attendance:                                                        Regrets:

Nicole Frechette – AGR 30046                                Pat Buchanan – Parks (National) 30186

Joyce Lewis – CEIU 30877

Sylvia Garrioch – CEIU 30877

Tammy Sapach – CEIU 30857

Dolly Ablitt – PSAC Calgary RO Staff

1. Meeting called to order at 5:45 pm.

2. Review of last meeting’s minutes

Reviewed minutes of last meeting. Joyce (Chair) read minutes.

Motion Carried Unanimously M/S/C: Nicole; Sylvie

3. 2009 Budget

Tabled 2009 Budget. Nicole is working on the discrepancy in the finances.

4. Women’s Action Hall

Dolly provided information on the Women’s Action Hall concerning Identified Women’s

Issues. The event will take place on May 7 th from 6-8 pm at the Women’s Centre of Calgary.

The Top 5 Women’s Issues are being compiled and will be presented at the next meeting. Email

the Top 5 Women’s Issues to by May 28 th , 2009.

5. PSAC Prairie Union School

Sylvie gave a report from Edmonton for Prairie Union School that took place May 27 th to 31 st ,

2009. Sylvie said that it was worthwhile to attend and that she attended a seminar on Building a

Greener Earth. She also mentioned that a concerted effort took place to recycle and compost

everything consumed at the Prairie Union School. A USB stick was handed out with reference

material instead of paper based information.

Dolly attended Prairie Union School also as a presenter. She discussed Building Equity between

Equity Groups. Duty to Accommodate and other issues (age, sex, race, gender, and religion)

were discussed during this seminar. There was also a plenary on Labour History, Timeline &

Union in the Future.

Motion to reimburse Dolly with a cheque for $99.70 for the Union School Campaign Draw

Basket that she put together.

Motion Carried M/S/C: Nicole; Tammy

6. Year End Meeting

Year End Dinner Meeting was held at La Viena in the amount of $130.00 including tax and tip.

7. National Aboriginal Day – June 21 st , 2009

Information distributed regarding activities being held to celebrate National Aboriginal Day as

well as contact information for the events from Alisha Bigelow and Alex George.

8. Think Public – Allocation of Funding

Admission to event is covered for 2 attendees. During Calgary Stampede Week a Family

Pancake Breakfast will be held on July 10 th , 2009 which is Molson Parade Day. Dolly provided a handout with information regarding the Think Public Campaign Proposal for Southern Alberta.

9. Action Items

Joyce provided handouts on Food Safety and the Amendment of the Indian Act in wake of a

landmark BC ruling.

The handout on Food Safety indicated that there are currently not enough meat inspectors to

properly verify industry compliance with safety rules. Members are encouraged to join the

Food Safety First Campaign at

The handout on the amendment of the Indian Act referred to an issue previously discussed at

Calgary Regional Women’s Committee Meetings concerning the Sharon McIvor case. The BC

Court of Appeal ruled that certain provisions of the Indian Act are unconstitutional and will be


10. Motion to adjourn the meeting at 7:30 pm. The next meeting will take place in September


Motion Carried M/S/C: Nicole; Sylvie