Calgary RWC Mtg Minutes – Jun 16 2014

Chairperson: Deb Kosteniuk; Secretary: Jeanette Bolton; Guests: Sherry Seigler and Brenda Groleau from UFCW 401; Attending: Dolly Ablitt, Tabossom Javadi-Doudarani, Stephanie Vandewaeter

PSAC Calgary Regional Women’s Committee Minutes
Date: Monday, June 16, 2014 @ 5:30pm
Location: PSAC Calgary Office, suite 302, 301-14th Street NW, Hillhurst Professional Building, Calgary AB, T2N 2A1
Chairperson: Deb Kosteniuk
Secretary: Jeanette Bolton
Guests: Sherry Seigler and Brenda Groleau from UFCW 401
Attending: Dolly Ablitt, Tabossom Javadi-Doudarani, Stephanie Vandewaeter
1. Round Table Introductions – Welcome to guests Sherry and Brenda from UFCW 401 (United Food and Commercial workers)
2. Approval of Agenda – Approved with addition of: Brief overview UFCW 401
Moved to accept: Deb Kosteniuk 
Seconded: Jeanette Bolton   Motion carried
3. UFCW 401 (United Food & Commercial Worker’s Union) – Guests Sherry and Brenda advised that their private sector union consists of 28,000 members in Alberta alone. Their membership includes stores such as Safeway, Superstore, camps up north, meat packing plants such as Cargill and packing plant in Brooks, as well as food prep/assembly operations. They are interested in strengthening their women’s committee and possibly partnering with PSAC to better educate their membership on women’s rights, knowing where to turn for help and advocacy, and to join with PSAC in initiatives that assist women. They participated in the Scotia Bank marathon, International Women’s Day, worked with CUPS, Labour Day BBQ, Globalfest, Take back the night event, and assisted other women’s shelters with donations. They would like to work closely with PSAC to identify areas where we can work together and also to avoid duplication. The AWOATAN Aboriginal women’s shelter was one project suggested as we could prepare food baskets for those leaving the shelter. Each local could prep a basket. Another project could be clothes collection for those persons departing hospital’s without appropriate clothing.
Action: Dolly will contact AWOATAN for tour of facility, ending at Sisters in Spirit where we would do a kitchen charity basket delivery.
4. Previous Minutes of May 26, 2014 meeting – Deferred.
5. Treasurer’s Report – Deferred.
Motion to pay Dolly for headbands: Deb Kosteniuk
Seconded: Stephanie Vandewaeter   Motion carried.
Old Business
1. Scotia Bank Marathon – PSAC team was called Soul Sisters consisting of 7 people who raised $5,115.00 for the Women’s centre.  $2,500.00 of that amount was a donation from the PSAC Social Justice Fund. Likely this will become an annual event for the PSAC Women’s Committee.
2. Prairies Regional Triennial Convention – Convention prep course training was completed June 15, 2014.  Seating will be rotational for this event. There will be electronic voting this year. Rules of order books are available through PSAC office soon.
3. RWC Facebook Page – Deb Kosteniuk has prepared and launched a PSAC Women’s Committee facebook page. Please go on it and Like it. It is another way to get the Women’s Committee messages out there. A twitter account may also be set up later.
New Business
1. Globalfest – Unionyes code will get you discounted tickets. Lunch topics are already chosen with Friday’s topic: Temporary Foreign Workers.
2. Ushers Call-out – Ushers required for Tuesday Citizenship Ceremonies. Stampeders require ushers with all monies saved going to the Women’s centre.
3. Labour Day BBQ – Put on by the Labour council and held Labour Day at Olympic Park downtown Calgary. There will be prizes, booths, lawn bowling games. Deb will get dates and advise.
4. Sisters in Spirit Dialogue – To be held Sept 28, 2014. Aboriginal union women are encouraged to attend. There will be a guest speaker.
5. Round Table – Dolly provided handout regarding the write a letter to the editor campaign.
Motion to Adjourn: Deb Kosteniuk   Seconded: Tabassom Javadi-Doudarani   Motion carried.