Calgary RWC Minutes (Nov 2011)

RWC Minutes from Nov 2, 2011

Calgary Regional Women’s Committee Meeting (PSAC)

Nov 2, 2011- CalgaryRegional Office

In Attendance:                                                                      

Nicole Frechette – NHU 30014                                   Sherry Hunt –   AGR 30048   (via teleconference)             

Dolly Ablitt – PSAC Calgary RO (Staff)                       Lorna Selinger    –      AGR 30048  (via teleconference)

Cindy Wong – CEIU 30856                                         Tammy Sapach – CEIU 30857  (via teleconference)             


Gina Albert – CEIU 30856                                           Ayanna Ayi – CEIU 30856                             


 1.         Meeting called to order at 5:30 pm.

 2.         Old Business:

a.   Treasurer’s Report – motion to accept report as read.   

b.   Area Council Labour Day Barbeque – contribution of $ 200.00.  Motion to approve contribution.       

Motion carried unanimously.                                                               M/S/C: Lorna; Sherry

 3.         Herstory Calendar Purchase.

            Motion to pay/reimburse Yvonne Schmidt for Herstory Calendars in the amount of $150.00 

Motion carried unanimously.                                                                 M/S/C: Sherry; Lorna

 4.         New Business:

 a. Child care lobbying workshop presented by United Food and Commercial Workers

     Child Care is a Right – 2 Day Workshop November 18 & 19.         

 Motion to pay for one person out of town to attend up to $ 300.00 reimbursed

 Motion to pay for one person in Calgaryto attend up to $ 150.00 reimbursed.

 b.  Nov 9, 2011Planning Meeting for December 6, 2011Vigil

     Motion for attendee to receive up to 3 hours of leave without pay reimbursed by CRWC.

 c.  December 6, 2011– National Day of Remembrance of Violence Against Women @ U of C

Motion to contribute $100.00 and provide coffee & tea.

 Motion carried unanimously.                                                               M/S/C: Lorna; Cindy

 5.         International Women’s Planning Meeting – November 14, 2011@ 3:00 pm

Chair Gina Albert to attend, and reimburse up to 2 hours leave without pay.

 Motion carried unanimously.                                                                M/S/C: Nicole; Cindy

 6.         Seasonal Social- Dec 8, 2011

            Planning meeting to be held at the Regional Office – date to be determined by Dolly Ablitt. 

            Motion to contribute $100 to Seasonal Social as outlined in budget                     

           Motion carried unanimously.                                                      M/S/C: Nicole; Lorna

 7.        AlbertaFederation of Labour 100th Anniversary – June 15/16, 2012 Conference

           Ideas- Contributions

           Huge event by Edmonton RWC – Sherry will inform committee on details.

8.         Regional Convention:

Prairies Regional Convention deferred to next meeting.

 9.         Meeting adjourned at 18:45

 Motion carried unanimously.                                                                  M/S/C: Nicole; Tammy