Calgary Regional Women’s Committee Meeting Minutes (November 25, 2019)

Calgary Regional Women’s Committee Meeting Minutes – Nov. 25, 2019

RWC Minutes, Nov 25 2019

In Attendance:

Deb Kosteniuk, UTE 30024

Jennifer Jurca, UCTE 30318 (recorder)

Kirsten Strachey, UTE 30024

Karen Knull, CEIU 30858

Dolly Ablitt, PSAC Regional Representative


Tabassom Javadi Doudarani, UNE 30040


The Meeting was called to order at 6:08 p.m.


1. Agenda: Reviewed and adopted, with no amendments: accepted by consensus.

2. Minutes: from previous meeting, Sept 16, 2019. Minutes were approved by email.

3. Minutes: from Special meeting, Oct 31, 2019. Minutes have been approved by the committee and are currently moving through the approval process.

4. Old Business:

a) Financial Reporting Packages: These are quite detailed and need to be prepared and submitted to Marianne for review. Our submission had a few errors which held up our allocation payment. It has now been completed and submitted, and Marianne has confirmed receipt, and our committee’s good standing; however we are still waiting to receive the allocation cheque.

b) Sisters In Spirit vigil: October 4, 2019. This highlights/honours Murdered and Missing Indigenous Women and Children and includes a march, speakers, and bagged lunches. This is the 15th year. Deb attended planning committee meetings, but wasn’t able to attend the event. We did not print the stickers we had hoped to, but we did commit to the donation of $1000. We haven’t paid this yet as we are awaiting our allocation funds cheque. We don’t believe that any of our members were able to attend, unfortunately,

5. New Business:

a) PRC Women’s Committee Representative’s Report to RWCs: See attached report for full details and below for the highlights:

– Prairie Region Council met the weekend of Oct 15 to 17th in Regina.

– PRC Finance training was delivered to the councils across the prairies. There was a lot of good feedback, and we will receive a revamped reporting package in Jan.

-Amended Prairie Region Bylaw Regulation #1 about committees and executives. Each committee shall hold 4 meetings/year to be considered in good standing, and capped at 6 official meetings. (Rest will be by email or phone, or as informal meetings) In those 4 meetings, 1 shall be the AGM and held in the first quarter of each calendar year. (Ours is in April, so will need to slide) At the AGM we need to remember to fill out signing authority as well as a list of elected officials. Committees now have to send financial reporting package to RWC representative by March 1. – REVP has discussed setting consequences to ensure that timelines are met, such as processing the reports that are in on time, and late reports may not receive all of the funding requested, if it has already been handed out.


Discussion followed to establish a rough schedule and plan for the year’s meetings:

Jan – input for the year’s plans, and budget development

Feb – International Women’s Day planning and passing the budget for the full year

March – AGM – including elections

May – meet for activity planning

Sep – plan for Dec 6 activities

Nov – meet for activity planning

To be supplemented by telephone and work bee meetings.

– Discussed IWD: Possibly doing it at the Kerby Centre vs the Women’s Centre. Also the potential for doing it on the weekend, as a brunch, vs in the evening, like we usually do. We discussed keeping the same style and format, but that our RWC could bring some meat platters. It would also be nice if each of the members of our RWC could bring a protein source. Also discussed the potential to cut back on prizes and put some money into food instead.

– PSAC Prairie Region Triennial Convention: Coming up June 12-14, 2020 in Regina. This is fully funded and our RWC is entitled to send one Representative so we need to elect a delegate as well as two alternates. We can still send in resolutions.

– Deb should attend our Jan or Feb meeting as the PRC rep. 😉

– Discussed the resolution that Kirsten and Deb have been working on. It is still in work and currently reads as follows:
Whereas we are to encourage more women in leadership positions within our union.

Whereas the children over a certain age do not require child care; however, can not be left at home alone, it is prohibitive to pay for airfare to bring them to conference or convention.

Be it resolved that members with children attending the conference, due to their age (can not leave them at home for more than a day) have airfare subsidized up to the equal cost of onsite childcare provided at conference or convention.

To subsidy up to the cost of childcare.

b) Toy Drive and Volunteer night at the Women’s Centre of Calgary Toy Room: We would host an event for locals to participate in when they donated their toys again, like last year. We are now planning for Monday Dec 16. Volunteer time is 5:15-8:30. We will need to have toys collected and dropped off at the Regional Office on Tues the 10th, during the HRC meeting or Thurs the 12th where we will set up a drive through. We can just give the people candy canes and a thank you card when they drop toys off.  Jenn to send Deb a poster to work with, Deb to finish it and get it to Dolly ASAP. For the night of the 12th we will need table, table cloth, a few chairs, and a few volunteers.


6. Roundtable:

Karen – Red Deer had Red Dress day on October 4. There was also one today, to kick off the 16 days of Action on Violence against Women, then for the next 16 days, CEIU will be tweeting information and actions that people can take, ending on December 10.

Kirsten – AFL met in Calgary recently, as they are hosting rallies around the province. Child Care committee is just in the process of deciding on priorities, and she will communicate them as they develop.

Jenn – Nothing valuable to add

Dolly: UCP AGM is coming up on November 30 at 11am, at the Westin. Area Council is planning a protest. Bring a friend!

Deb – She let us know that Darlene Dyck-Campbell sent an email and asked to be included in the meeting, but unfortunately it was too late to be included in the call.  

The meeting was adjourned at 7:12 p.m.

Next meeting to be held … Monday, January 13, 2020.