Calgary Regional Women’s Committee Meeting Minutes (October 20, 2021)

Calgary Regional Women’s Committee

Meeting October 20, 2021, 6:00 PM

In attendance: Kathy Ajram, Sherry Hunt, Janet Shaw, Miracle Abreau, Laurie Roszell, Maleska Young, Amanda Wakeford

Regrets:  Fatimah Lawal, Birgul Alkanoglu, Bahareh Eshragh, Olufunke Ajibade

  1. Sherry Hunt Presentation (PRC Rep/ Lethbridge Women’s Committee)
  2. Discussion on committee and current priorities, reviewed booklet, roles & responsibilities, activities of the committee, meeting requirement, quorum, and budget discussions.
  3. Elections

Chair:  Kathy nominates Maleska/ Seconder Amanda

Treasurer:  Kathy nominates Laurie/ Seconder Janet

Secretary: Maleska nominates Kathy/ Seconder Janet

All positions in by acclimation.

Motion: Laurie moves/ Amanda Seconds – that the old names on the bank account be removed from the bank account and that the new executive be added to the bank account: Maleska Young, Laurie Roszell, Kathy Ajram

  • Oath of Office – completed out loud by all officers
  • Round Table
  • Next Meeting – Next Meeting – Nov 30,  6:00 PM
  • Adjournment