Calgary Human Rights Committee Meeting Minutes (November 20, 2019)

Calgary Regional HRC Meeting  Minutes – November 20, 2019

In attendance

Shanon Hicks – Treasurer – CIU (Chair)

Kathy Ajram – Secretary – UTE

Ade Fayemiwo – CFIA

Dolly Ablitt – PSAC Staff (Regional Office)



Calgary Area HRC Meeting

November 20, 2019

Called to order at 6:17 PM


  • Agenda
    • Review and adoption of agenda
      • Committee President was unable to attend the meeting today. Kathy moved that the agenda be modified to only include the last meeting minutes and a discussion surrounding the plan for December 10, International Human Rights Day. Other agenda items can be pushed to the next meeting for the President to be involved in subsequent committee decisions and discussions once a date is decided.

Seconded by Ade Fayewimo.

  • Approval of last meeting minutes
    • Motioned by Ade Fayemiwo and seconded by Shanon Hicks.
  • Current Business
    • The committee commenced discussions surrounding December 10, Human Rights Day. In our previous meeting, we discussed potentially having Marianne attend to spread awareness on NASHI, an organization that aids with removing victims of trafficking in the Ukraine and getting them to safety. Marianne had previous commitments and we thought that bringing the focus home would be more impactful.
    • We decided that we were going to contact either CPS Trafficking Unit or RESET (formerly Servants anonymous) come in for a presentation/discussion. We feel this fits more in with the Committees mandate as we can gather statistics on how human trafficking
  • Round Table: The committee had discussions surrounding Human Rights in general terms and how term employment relates to them as well as the topics we discussed pertaining to Human Rights Day. We discussed each Committee Executive researching one of the Prairie provinces statistics on trafficking.
  • Another item of importance that was discussed was the upcoming Conference for Racially Visible Members (Nov 1-4) in Calgary, where Resolutions will be debated. The resolutions will be discussed in our subsequent meetings to see what we may need to draft for submission to our Triennial Convention.
  • Next Meeting: November 20, 2019 @ 6:00 PM – Calgary Regional Office


  • Meeting adjourned @ 7:20 PM