Calgary Human Rights Committee Minutes – March 1, 2017

Calgary Human Rights Committee Minutes for March 1, 2017

Calgary Human Rights Committee
March 1st, 2017
Those in Attendance:
Timothy Hunt (Chair)
Mike Tennant (Treasurer)
Victoria Norris (Secretary)
Phil Chan
Melisa Lumbala
Raj Harji (R.O. Rep)

Meeting called to order at 5:30 pm

Motion to reimburse Timothy for meeting food for $75.60 by Vicky/Melisa unanimous cheque #0084?

Mike reported a balance of  $2975.00 currently in the bank account. 

Reviewed previous meeting of September 26, 2016, no additions or deletions.

Correspondence included an thank you from the Mustard Seed regarding past involvement with them. 


The past co-Chair Sam Akinsanya has resigned, and his name will need to be removed as a signing authority on the HRC bank account.  Timothy and Mike will attend to this task at the bank.

Discussed possibility of shutting down the Human Right Committee due to lack of interest and participation.  It was decided we will have one more meeting and decide at that time.  

The year end reports are due to be submitted into PSAC by March 15th, 2017. Timothy and Mike will prepare the reports for submission. It was agreed to submit a budget similar to last year for now, as we are uncertain about the committees future.  We will need the funding in the event the committee continues to operate, If we close we will return the funding.

Melisa reported the racially visible conference was a great experience. 

We discussed possible projects we could accomplish in the meantime. 
1)    The Drop In volunteer project we were considering  did not pan out, however it was suggested that the HRC would ask Vicky’s DI volunteer group if we could piggy back on their already scheduled volunteer events. Vicky will ask the organizers of that volunteer group and get back to the committee.
2)    Melisa suggested the committee could look into supporting children in low income schools, possibly providing lunches. She agreed to find information regarding that and report back to the committee. 
3)    We discussed and agreed that it we could possibly help the Awo-Taan Native women’s shelter in some capacity. 
4)    Vicky requested the committees support for National Aboriginal Day Celebrations again this year. Vicky will submit a proposal to the committee similar to last years request. 

We discussed setting up a regular routine schedule for meetings in order to give folks time to plan for attendance.  The next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, April 12th @ 5:30 pm. 

Motion to Adjourn meeting at 6:30pm by brother Mike/Vicky-unanimous.