Calgary HRC Mtg Minutes (Sept 28 2010)

Attendees: Timothy Hunt – President; Garth Caron – Vice-President; Evelyn Egger – Treasurer; Joe Kelly – Member; Dale Marianicz – Member (AGR 30046); Guest – Marni Halwas – CHB

                                                                   Human Rights Committee Meeting

                                                                  MINUTES – September 28, 2010 


Timothy Hunt – President

Garth Caron – Vice-President

Evelyn Egger – Treasurer

Joe Kelly – Member

Dale Marianicz – Member (AGR 30046)

Guest – Marni Halwas – CHB

Meeting was called to order at 5:30pm.

 Minutes from previous meeting accepted.

Our focus was a presentation and question/answer regards to “Disability Action Hall”.    Guest Speakers: Patricia Okahashi and Colleen Houston.  Pamphlets were provided.   Other Guests:  Victoria Budd, Brad Roberson, Charlene, Jerome Sylvan, Patricia Okahashi, Colleen Huston, Deloris. 

Potential Political action and Volunteerism to support their cause was discussed with the following:

  • Some of the problems they face as a group / equity filter for the city / province
  • Cab drivers – uneducated on how to deal with PWD or to timing (6am-11pmonly)
  • Support Access Calgary thus indirectly Calgary HandiBus
  • Access Calgarytakes care of all Handi Bus and Taxi scheduling
  • Access Calgaryshould have better funding – public awareness
  • Access Calgarydoes not have spontaneous funding for emergencies
  • Access Calgaryshould work with Calgary Ability Network
  • Access Calgary– Parks and Recreation another level
  • Procedure for acquiring a AccessCalgaryPass:  have to assessed by doctor, 14 pages up to $160.00 fees, could take 3 months
  • Once you have the AccessCalgaryPass– why re-apply > just renew!
  • Stricter guidelines are now in place to get the AccessCalgaryPass
  • Service stops at 11PM– life doesn’t
  • City will not do cost share funding with the province, why ?
  • No show 3 times for the services of Access Calgary  –  then the service is suspended automatically, no investigation ? why ?
  • Low income BusPassfor Handi Bus should be an option
  • Bring BusPassfor disability down to senior level <<or>> Bring senior bus pass up to disability level – level playing field for all who “need” the service

 SupportCityTransit Union

  • Parks and RecreationTransitPassshould qualify for all services
  • Allow for transit pass subsidy based on income.
  • Fair Fairs – policy is 45-55%
  • Parks and RecreationTransitPassshould qualify for all services
  • City union is underutilized to voice the concerns of disabled
  • Public appeals – 1 person/pass

 Committee updates:

 Budget was discussed for 2011 copies provided to the committee.

 Project Mobility:  “did you know campaign”

 Did you know campaign for a post card sized fact sheet to bring awareness to struggles PWD (person’s with disabilities) are having with the Treasury Board if parking is revoked and awareness of what Calgary HandiBus does for the Calgarypublic.   Production of the postcards should / may be available to celebrate the “International Day for Human Rights” for distribution to all PSAC members in Calgary.  Timothy will provide outline for the postcard to Jeffrey Vallis in the Prairie Regional Office for design and printing at a unionized printer.

 Suggestions from the committee:

  • to look at our focus to coincide with the Conference that is being held that year…2011-Aboriginal
  • Discussion on 2011 focus will be on Aboriginal issues
  • Brown bag luncheons (4) being held to bring focus on Aboriginal Human Rights at various locations/dates – put on by the city of Calgary
  • Stampede Poster will highlight female aboriginal dancer-1st time in its history.
  • Evelyn will look into issues that are current in Calgaryand present them to committee for consideration on our next year’s focus.

Fairy Tales Film Festival

 (May 2011, March is the deadline) – Sponsoring a film during the festival and get our logo in the program.  Timothy to update the committee for the next meeting.

 Racially Visible

 We must begin to look into Multi-cultural action as well.  Suggestions included speaking with Immigrant Women Society, Catholic Women’s Groups.   Please bring your suggestions to the next meeting.

 Expanding our Committee

 Discussed contact tree to include people in the union at airport.

Project Mobility Event

 Rods and Rides (July 25th, 2010) was a successful event to bring awareness to HandiBus costs and issues.   We had twelve volunteers that day !!

 Meeting Schedule for 2010/11 fiscal cycle

 Next year schedule meetings March/Aug/Sept in 2011, dates were not confirmed.   Dates therefore should be decided upon to not overlap with the Area Council or the Regional Women’s Committees.

 Next meeting scheduled November 23rd, 2010at the Calgary Regional Office.

 Meeting adjourned 7:25pm.