Calgary HRC Mtg Minutes – Sep 26 2016

Attending: Sam Akinsanya (Co-Chair); Mike Tennant (Treasurer); Timothy Hunt (Chair); Victoria Norris (Secretary); Phil Chan; Mélisa Lumbala

Those in Attendance:

Sam Akinsanya (Co-Chair)
Mike Tennant (Treasurer)
Timothy Hunt (Chair)
Victoria Norris (Secretary)
Phil Chan
Mélisa Lumbala


Deb Kosteniuk
Raj Hari

Meeting called to order at 5:30pm.

Motion to reimburse sister Victoria Norris for PSAC booth for NAD celebrations by brother Phil / sister Mélisa / unanimous. $50.00 (Chq#83)

Motion to reimburse brother Phil for cost of volunteer parking at NAD celebration by brother Phil /sister Mélisa / unanimous $15.00 (Chq#82)

Motion to reimburse brother Tim for Food purchased for this meeting by sister Mélisa / brother Sam / unanimous $69.25 (Chq#81)

Motion to give donation to Area Council for Labour Day condiments by brother Phil / sister Mélisa / unanimous $352.74 (Chq#80)

Review of November 18, 2015 meeting minutes approved, a spelling error noted, no additions or deletions.



The latest meetings between the Treasury Board and the PSAC Bargaining teams was the 7th meeting since the Liberals formed the government, you would never really know it. There has been nothing different from when the previous government was in power. The teams are still waiting for the respect that Mr. Trudeau promised throughout his election campaign. We expected to get a response to our pay proposals that was tabled at the June meetings before the summer break. Instead what we got the first day we met with them was a presentation on the TB policy on Compensation and told that the departments wanted clarification. At the end of the week, we told our president that we felt it was a waste of member’s money to keep bringing the teams to Ottawa when it was obvious that the Treasury Board did not have a mandate to bargain with us. She agreed and said she would not bring us back unless there was clear indication that the employer was serious about bargaining with us.

National HRC:

Timothy reported that $200K has been allocated to go towards Trans rights. GBLT plus are planning on submitting a resolution.

Black History Month:

Sam is looking for suggestions for Black History month and looking for ideas on how to celebrate December 10th International day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination.

National Aboriginal Day:

Was a great success in spite of rain and wind, the celebrations went on as planned! The pancake breakfast was enjoyed by all! Metis Bev’s traveling Metis jigging lessons were enjoyed by all age groups, Metis Matt was demonstrating sash weaving while the pow-wow entertained the crowd with the exciting colorful dancers and drums! The kids played all day in the blow up games provided. Artisans and crafters displayed their wares while the PSAC booth used the wheel to educate guests on Aboriginal issues with fun and interesting questions. Prizes were won by all! The warm stew and bannock satisfied bellies while warming up the guests. The lineup of evening entertainers, singers and dancers were a real treat at the end of the day! Thanks to PSAC for their generous donation, which ensured another successful National Aboriginal Day Celebration.

1st Racially Visible Conference:

Sam reported his attendance at the first Racially Visible Conference in Winnipeg on September 9-11, 2016. He says Racially Visible Conferences now to occur every three years.

Member outreach / PSAC 50th anniversary Celebration:

Phil Chan and Area Council had a meeting with HRC and RWC committees and came up with the idea of offering free ice cream at the Harry Hays building on Thursday, September 29th from 11:00 am – 1:00 pm to celebrate PSAC 50th anniversary. Trucks will be rented that will offer vanilla and chocolate and swirl soft ice cream cones. Guests will need to show their government ID in order to obtain an ice cream cone. The cost to be covered by Regional funding.

Drop Inn:

Tim will request food donation from Marianne. Volunteers will be recruited for preparing and / or serving the meal. Tim will inquire re: Oct 17th as a possible time to volunteer.


Sam created three resolutions to be put forward at the next Triennial Convention. See attached.

Conference Call:

Tim suggested our next contact could be a 1/2 hr. conference call hopefully by Oct 17th as Tim is booked for Surgery October 25th.

Marianne’s Visit:

Marianne is scheduled to visit the Calgary Regional office October 13th.


Motion to adjourn the meeting at 7:00pm by Brother Timothy – Unanimous.