Calgary HRC Mtg Minutes – Oct. 18th 2017

Calgary Human Rights Committee Meeting Minutes – Oct. 18th, 2017

PSAC Calgary Human Rights Committee Meeting Minutes Oct. 18th, 2017

In Attendance:

Phillip Chan (Chair)

Melisa Lumbala (Treasurer)

Victoria Norris (Secretary)

Deb Kosteniuk – UTE 30024

Ayanna Ayi – CEIU 30856

Kathy Fishes, Deanna McElderry – USGE 30129

Raj Hari – PSAC RO Representative

Regrets: Vic Johal (Vice-chair)

Meeting called to order at 18:15 by Phillip.

  • This meeting was intended as a roundtable-like open discussion, hence no formal agenda is presented nor set.
  • Previous meeting minutes from June 7th, 2017 was presented and reviewed.
  • Motion to accept the minutes – Deb/Ayanna – adopted.
  • Status of the HRC: the 2016 finance was partially finished. Hence Brother Chan will finish it up, and waiting to complete the annual audit as well. Signing authority of the HRC bank account has not been changed over, but Brother Chan will start the process with Scotiabank.
  • Since the year 2017 is almost over at this point, there won’t be any other HRC activities being logged beside 4 meetings (next one on Dec. 7th), meal reimbursements and parking (since the RO has moved).
  • There were several discussions about possible activities in 2018. Some ideas were: focusing on indigenous issues (ie. Awo Taan Healing Lodge, National Aboriginal Day), racially visible issues (ie. Black History Month – Feb. of each year; immigrant groups), LGBTQ+ issues (ie. Pride parade – usually the Sunday before Labour Day), Homeless Shelter/Mustard Seeds, etc. However, nothing is finalized at this point until the finances are completed – plus HRC would love to see more members volunteering all the while more actively engaging the members as well.

Next meeting – Dec. 7th, 2017 at 1730 at Calgary RO.

Motion to adjourn meeting – Deb/Melisa – meeting adjourned at 1930.