Calgary HRC Mtg Minutes – Oct 1 2013

In Attendance: Evelyn Egger, Garth Caron, Timothy Hunt, Phil Chan, Raj Hari

Human Rights Committee Meeting – October 01st, 2013
Calgary Regional Office

Those in Attendance: Evelyn Egger, Garth Caron, Timothy Hunt, Phil Chan, Raj Hari

Regrets: Dale Marianiucz

Minutes of last meeting (June 18th, 2013) Read and accepted > Unanimous

Motion to reimburse Brother Timothy for food by Sister Evelyn,  Cheque:  $53.52 issued to Brother Timothy for supper, seconded by Brother Garth, unanimous.

Motion to reimburse the Calgary Area Council, cheque $100.00 (support for Maria Dunn Concert on September 12, 2013, ten tickets at $10 each) by Brother Garth, 2nd by Brother Phil –   unanimous

Committee Updates: 

1. Flood Relief  (Social Justice Fund monetary support)

  • Drop-In Centre was donated $3,000, July 12th we had twenty-five (25) members prepare/deliver dinner – great success
  • Mustard Seed was donated $1,000, July 29th we had fifteen (15) members prepare/deliver dinner – another success
  • Nakoda Lodge was donated $1,000 to their food bank
  • Calgary Women’s Centre was donated $3,000, the transition from the new to old building was during the flood, all extra housing dried up when the school year started, the centre was back to normal work flow and displaced women

2. 3rd Street Theatre (GLBT themed plays)  I’ve been approached by the theatre’s manager on possible sponsorship, the plays are fully gay themed and one of only three theatres in the country to do so,  brother Timothy was suggesting that we have their representative at the next meeting to provide a more intimate picture of their operations and their mission statement

3. GlobalFest 2013 – $2,500 buy-in for our sponsorship and we shared this with the two other unions (CUPE and UCFW)

  • The tent was shared and we had three different unions working together to educate the public on federal/provincial/municipal laws and how we as union members help every day.   We had the PSAC video playing with many patrons watching the five minute project.  The first night we also help with the swearing in ceremony.   We sold over $800 in tickets to our members.   Parking was again an issue with the volunteers.

4. Pride Parade – September 01st  on the 8th Avenue in Calgary started at City Hall and ended at Mewata Stadium.   The AFL had the float and we marched along with them during the parade.   It was noted that this year all the law enforcement members were absent, we need to make sure that next year we get the uniformed officers out to the parade with the permission of each of the law enforcement departments (ie. RCMP, CBSA, Calgary Police Service, Calgary Fire Department and our members at Corrections Canada)

5. National Human Rights Conference (November 2013) – resolutions.

  • The Firefly Resolution
  • Amnesty International 

6. International Human Rights Day – we need event ideas

  • How do we reach the Locals, Presidents and Committees?
  • Set up a test to see if our distribution tree(s) are working – work with Jeffrey Vallis in the PRC office.

7. We will have to make sure that we keep up the chequebook and excel spreadsheet in a timelier manner to make sure we don’t fall behind.

8. The Area Council has asked us to donate $100 for the seasonal social, Motion to reimburse the Calgary Area Council  (support for Seasonal Social at the  Regional Office in late November, cheque has not been issued > issue at the next meeting) by Brother Garth, 2nd by Brother Timothy –  Unanimous

Sister Evelyn motioned to adjourn the meeting, seconded by Sister Evelyn.  Meeing adjourned at 7:30pm.

Next meeting date and time to be determined at a future date after the holiday season.