Calgary HRC Mtg Minutes – Nov 18 2015

Timothy Hunt (Chair); Sam Akinsanya (Co-Chair); Mike Tennant (Treasurer); Victoria Norris (Secretary); Raj Hari.

Those in attendance:

Timothy Hunt (Chair)
Sam Akinsanya (Co-Chair)
Mike Tennant (Treasurer)
Victoria Norris (Secretary)
Raj Hari.

Meeting called to order at 6:00 pm in the Calgary regional office.

Timothy provided copies of meeting minutes of May 6, 2015 and the Agenda for tonight’s meeting. Three (3) items were added to the agenda.

We reviewed the May 6, 2015 meeting minutes, no additions or deletions.

MOTION; to accept May 6, 2015 meeting minutes by Brother Mike/Brother Sam

MOTION; to reimburse Brother Sam $10.00 for ice for the booth at Fiestival July 18,19,2015   by Sister Victoria/Mike, cheque #079

MOTION; to reimburse Brother Timothy $61.92 for food for meeting of Nov 18, 2015 by Sister Victoria/Brother Mike, cheque #078

Mike reported the bargaining team will be in session to meet their new member by the end of November. He states approximate time for meeting with treasury board will likely be, at the earliest, in March 2016.

Timothy shared that he attended the Nationals Human Rights Committee (NHRC) on November 02-04, 2015. They discussed 3 year plan for GLBT funding of $118,000.00 which is approximately $39K per year. They were discussing possibility of hosting a conference in the first year where they would invite Trans related members, offering salaries and accommodation where they plan to host interviews to discuss their experiences in the workplace and possibly host a video interview as well. Other ideas included holding training sessions towards a harassment free workplace, producing a pamphlet and creating a video. They did not get into discussing year 2 & 3. Timothy states he is pleased with the outcome of the committee and hopes it will happen twice next year.

Sam also attended the Nationals Human Rights Committee (NHRC) on November 02-04, 2015, and participated in discussion for racially visible. He hopes to organize a regional conference for the racially visible, the challenge is to obtain adequate funding. Sam says he hopes this conference would be the vehicle where racially visible would have direct access to the national president with any concerns. Says he hopes to have racially visible rep from each region. A survey has been sent out and this is how it would be possible to reach racially visible members who might be interested in participating with the region.

The National Human Rights conference has been postponed from March 2016 to March 2017 due to bargaining and elections taking front and centre this year, leaving little time to prepare for a conference.

We discussed how we have been involved with GlobalFest and maybe it is time to focus on a different major event for the HRC.  We discussed the benefits of the different options of donating and serving at the Drop Inn Centre such as the sock campaign, volunteers are required to sort donations, prepare meals, serve meals, and clean up. Volunteers usually jump at the chance to help and being that the location is so close to the Harry Hays volunteers are usually very willing to donate their time and participate in this union event. 

Timothy will look into the possibility of hosting a dinner for the drop inn centre. Timothy will contact Louise to see what would be involved in changing our major community event.

The HRC would like to formalize a way to upload pictures of events to our web site.

Timothy reported that the pride parade went well in spite of the fact he was injured.  He is very disappointed that five (5) pride flags went missing and still have not been located.  They are to be replaced if not found.

Sam reported the Labour Day BBQ was well attended and the weather cooperated.

International Human Rights day is December 10th, 2015. Vicky will send link to you-tube video created by Shaw on the Aug 2015 GlobalFest Human Rights Forum, where she was a guest panelist discussing ‘Cultural Healing and Reconnecting with lost Heritage’. She will email a little explanation to Cheyenne about the video and Timothy will request it be put on the Web site for Dec 10th, 2015.

December 3rd is International day of persons with disabilities.

We discussed HRC involvement in NAD June 21st activities being planned in the Aboriginal community. Vicky will provide a contact name of the organizers through the Red Cross and discuss HRC involvement in the celebration at the stampede grounds/Indian village. We discussed the possibility of having a table at NAD, Vicky will look into the cost and see about the possibility. Vicky will submit a proposal by next meeting. We will need to find out where the money will come from for this event.

We discussed handing out Idle no more posters. Timothy will inquire about getting more posters printed. (approx 2000)

We discussed the possibility of handing out small Metis flags at NAD to commemorate the 200 year anniversary of the first flag created in Canada. We will also consider putting a small sticker of PSAC on the flag. Timothy to investigate cost and printing of flags, approx 2000.  We discussed showing the ‘Just Get Over It’ video. Timothy will look into obtaining a tent for this event. Although NAD is on June 21st, it will likely be celebrated by the community on the Saturday before or following to allow for families to attend.

Meeting closed at 7:30 pm.

Next meeting scheduled for Wed. Jan 13th 2016 at 5:30 pm.

Thank you Sam for agreeing to provide the food for the Jan 13th meeting!

Please send your agenda items to Vicky by Jan 4th 2016.