Calgary HRC Mtg Minutes – May 6 2015

In Attendance: Mike Tennant (Treasurer); Timothy Hunt (Chair); Sam Akinsanya (Co-Chair); Victoria Norris (Secretary); Raj Hari; Deb Kosteniuk (Regional Women’s Committee); Phil Chan

Those in Attendance:

Mike Tennant (Treasurer)
Timothy Hunt (Chair)
Sam Akinsanya (Co-Chair)
Victoria Norris (Secretary)
Raj Hari
Deb Kosteniuk (Regional Women’s Committee)
Phil Chan

Meeting called to order at 6:00 pm in the Calgary Regional office.

Timothy provided copies of last 2 meeting minutes, regional action plan budget requests for Swag, “Fiestaval” (Festival Latina) – Calgary Multicultural Arts Society 2015, Fairy Tales Film Festival 2015 (GLBT), Labour Day BBQ, Transaction log,  Annual Financial Statement, Budget request, along with PSAC Funding & reporting procedures and HRC bank statement dated March 31, 2015 and cancelled cheques.

We reviewed the previous meeting minutes no additions or deletions.

Timothy submitted our budget requests for Swag, Fiestaval (Festival Latina) – Calgary Multicultural Arts Society 2015, Fairy Tales Film Festival 2015, (GLBT) and the Labour Day BBQ.

Sam says $550.00 already granted for Fiestaval however we may want to consider paying the $50.00 to have electricity at our tent.  Sam to provide further info before a decision will be made.  A minimum of four (4) volunteers will be required for this event.

We gathered twelve (12) Human Rights questions for “public interest”.  These questions will correlate the spinning wheel at the event. 

Vicky will investigate an Aboriginal agency to donate to for National Aboriginal Day.

Raj encouraged members to contact their Members of Parliament (MP’s) for the May 19th day of action.  The MP’s are supposed to be in their offices.  PSAC provided information on what to do before and after the visit, you can go alone or in a group.  Please send a report to PSAC about your experience.

Timothy was happy to report the GLBT motions were unanimous, and did go through at the PSAC convention.   The “Trans” resolution was overwhelmingly approved and a budget of $118,000 was put together to use over the next three years to working on this issue.

Money for conventions is earmarked for Regional Women’s committee conferences, Regional Aboriginal conference and Racially Visible conferences as well (good luck Sam).

The next National Human Rights Committee Conference will be in March of 2016. Timothy would like to make a resolution for GLBT & Persons With Disabilities on the budget.

PSAC has budgeted $52,000 for the equity groups nationally.  The Aboriginal Network will receive $150,000 budgets down from the $175,000 previous budget. Thirty-Five (35) elected members will be attending the next Human Rights Conference in 2016.  Any resolutions required need to be formulated and submitted. Sam would like to see more equity represented at triennial. Timothy suggested a resolution would be required to have more equity groups represented at the National Triennial. 

Mike is unable to give a report on the bargaining as he was unable to attend the last series of meetings.

Mike reported the December balance on the bank account was $2,013.77.  Our new banking fee has been re-negotiated down and is now $6.50 a month.  The March 31, 2015 Balance of $1,066.15.

MOTION to reimburse Timothy Hunt for food by Brother Phil/Brother Mike cheque; $60.87 (cheque # 072)

MOTION to pay for “lights” fee at MultiArts Festival by Brother Phil/Brother Mike cheque; $50.00 (cheque # 073)

MOTION to donate $500.00 to Awo-Taan Native Woman’s Shelter by Brother Phil/Brother Mike cheque; $500.00 (cheque # 074)

Meeting for organizing the PSAC Member BBQ will be held Monday May 11, 2015. The BBQ will be held the city park at 8th Avenue N.E. & Deerfoot Trail, across from the Telus Science Centre, as it is more centralized with lots of on-site parking. Families are welcome. We may have to merge volunteer expo with BBQ due to budget constraints.

Deb Kosteniuk, President of the PSAC’s women’s committee is requesting donations for the “Beautiful Beginnings Baskets“, that will go to help women coming out of shelters to start on their own. Gift cards would be ideal for the baskets. They are aiming to create twelve (12) baskets, earmarked for Awo-Taan Women’s shelter and the Woman’s Centre. Deb will be hosting a drive in the Harry Hays building and challenging the local to participate from July 16-18. Jeffrey Vallis, our communications officer, will be creating a poster.

Marianne is scouting for someone to read the newspaper every day to find union related issues & articles, for the communications committee. This will be a paid subscription type position.

Meeting closed at 7:40 pm.

Next meeting schedule for October/November.