Calgary HRC Mtg Minutes – Jun 18 2013

In Attendance: Evelyn Egger, Garth Caron, Timothy Hunt, Allan Tam, Raj Hari

Human Rights Committee Meeting – June 18th, 2013

Calgary Regional Office

Those in Attendance:

Evelyn Egger, Garth Caron, Timothy Hunt, Allan Tam, Raj Hari


Dale Marianiucz

Minutes of last meeting (March 20th, 2013) Read and accepted unanimously

Delay in meeting due to flooding at PSAC Regional office.

Motion to reimburse Brother Timothy for food by Sister Evelyn. Cheque: $48.32 issued to Brother Timothy for supper, seconded by Brother Garth, Unanimous.

Motion to reimburse the Lethbridge Area Council, cheque $100.00 (support for Pride Parade and face painting for children) by Brother Garth, 2nd by Brother Allan  (AREA Council to reimburse Pride organizers) Unanimous

Committee Update: 

  • Brother Timothy Reported to the REVP (Marianne) submitted March 2013.
  • Fairy Tales Film Society:  Timothy raised $3,000. on his own  (Acclaimed at AFL Convention)
  • Festival $135/seat, non-profit, funded by  Provincial/Federal/Donations
  • Fri/Sat/Sunday Funds raised surpassed last year’s ticket sales

PSAC/AFL/CLC Silver sponsorship – INTERSEXION GLOBALFEST:  $2,500 from Social Justice Fund.   June 18th letter to GlobalFest 2013.

Theme for the GlobalFest 2013 is “WOMEN GENDER AND IDENTIY ISSUES”

  • Volunteers needed for citizenship swearing in ceremony. Ceremony 4:30-6. Gates open at 6PM, should be done by 8:30pm
  • T shirts: PSAC has surplus “Respect Our Heritage” to supply for volunteers.
  • Meeting scheduled June 26th with AREA/WC/HRC to discuss time table of volunteers for the tent.
  • Meeting scheduled June 26th with all committees with REVP to discuss upcoming Federal Conservative Convention to discuss volunteers and representation of PSAC at the mall.

We will be setting up volunteer opportunities at the drop in centre and Mustard Seed with fund being supplied through Social Justice Fund.  Timothy will confirm times and dates.

Sister Evelyn motioned to adjourn the meeting, seconded by Sister Evelyn at 7:30pm.